FAQ pages have become as important as a website itself. Convenient and handy to use, these plugins take off the time and effort load.

Building an FAQ page can prove to be an asset if you do it the right way. Best way to ensure it is an asset is to add them on the website using a WordPress FAQ plugin. As these bring an opportunity for directly removing any obstacles in conversion without the team getting involved in answering repetitive queries, FAQ page is a new hope for business to save cost and effort for higher conversions.

Why is it easy with FAQ Plugin?

In 2015, having FAQ pages on your website had turned into a hot debate. Thank God, FAQ plugins that saved the world. The range of features the FAQ plugins offer to the developer and even the non-technical users empower the websites. 
Most of the developers and website owners consider it better to use a WordPress FAQ Plugin for developing FAQ pages for WordPress websites nowadays. Let us understand how it is easy to build FAQ page using a plugin:
•    Camouflage with the website
If you are the one who understood the importance of FAQ page from this blog, you need to one more aspect now. An FAQ page can look like an alien if it is not designed in coherence with the existing website design. A WordPress Plugin needs you to just insert few shortcodes, run some customizations and a perfect page is set.

•    Responsiveness
Achieving responsiveness is tough; maintaining it for multiple screens and devices takes even more effort and time. With an FAQ plugin, it takes almost no time to build responsive pages. So, it is surely a great time-saver and an effective solution at the same time.

•    Freedom of Design
From interface-based functionality to custom CSS and flawless pre-planned designs, FAQ plugins have a good inbuilt design capability for letting you leverage the freedom of design. That is the reason why most of the website owners prefer to go with FAQ plugins instead of designing FAQ pages for their website.

•    Search Functionality
Enabling search filter in FAQ page as per your customers’ requirement may look hard but it is not so. Most of the good FAQ plugins come with inbuilt search filter. From basic to advanced level of queries can be searched within your FAQ page through it. Isn’t it better?

•    Timely updates
As aggressive as the business landscape has turned, a website owner needs to keep updating and editing the questions and answers very frequently. This is important from an SEO perspective and customer service perspective also. Using the FAQ plugin ensures, the edits and additions can be made quickly. The addition of unlimited questions with the “Read More” provision ensures the read will hardly run in a problem that is unstated or answered.

•    Organized FAQs
As per the demographics and age groups that your website targets, it becomes important to have the FAQs well organized. An FAQ plugin opens the gates for switching between accordion and list organization of FAQs in a snap. Creating groups like “Advanced questions”, “Alphabetic groups” and “Headers of FAQs” ensures your FAQs always remain organized
This kind of organization is easily achievable using FAQ plugins where the users can sort the questions for quick access to solutions. Using shortcodes, it becomes very easy to set up the organization.

•    Access FAQs via multiple pages
FAQ pages need to rank high on search engines and that is not possible only via the single page. Having the backlinks to this new FAQ via pages that are already ranking higher is easy using plugin shortcodes. All one needs to do is add a shortcode. Inserting a shortcode is no big feat and even a non-technical person can do this.

•    Shortcodes which work everywhere on your website
FAQ plugins come with shortcode functionality. You can create tags, categories, and questions in these plugins. Later, shortcodes can be generated as per your choice and embedded in any page. On the other hand, if you will create an FAQ page, its content or sections can’t be easily integrated on other pages of your website.

•    Engage with readers and go social 
The FAQ plugins allow a comment section to be created with every question that opens up the scope of bringing in more engagement as you answer the questions, insert links of other social media channels like YouTube channels so that you direct your audience to more informed channels for better engagement.

•    Cost Efficiency
Time is money. As someone (let’s say your designers and developers) will put more time on developing a good FAQ page for you, it will cost you a lot. As the number of pages will increase, the associated cost will increase too. And why to pay more when you can avail fully-fledged FAQ pages for your website at least cost or free? No smart person will do that!

Conclusion: A Custom FAQ Page or Readymade FAQ Plugin?

Well, the free and premium versions of WordPress FAQ plugins render much-desired flexibility and solutions to create robust FAQ pages. Any kind of advancement is feasible with these plugins without too much effort and without running back to the Wordpress Expert. Building and maintaining the FAQ page using the plugins is near the effortless experience that is much required to stay competitive and on top of the pile.