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1. Meaning

2. Definition

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Human Resource Planning is the combination of two words,

Human Resource + Planning.

Human Resource– Human Resources includes those peoples who make up the workforce of a company, organization and working sectors. There is also a separate department in any organization or company, which we know as the Human Resource Department, which works for the welfare or benefits of the employees.

Planning– Planning is the process of future forecasting for any organization, by which organization can decide the future plans related to our company, employees, employers, and other stakeholders.

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So, the combination meaning of two words (Human Resource+Planning) is:-

Human Resource Planning– Human Resource Planning is a process in which the HR manager forecast the demand and supply of the right type of person, at the right type of job, and at the right time to achieve our organizational objectives and goal.

It is also a process that identifies current and future human resources need for an organization to achieve its goals.

Definitions of Human Resource Planning:-

There are four definitions by different authors:-

1. According to Vetter, ‘It has defined HRP as, “the process by which management determines how an organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position”.

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