If you are already looking for the best online credit report, you perhaps know a lot about credit score and credit reports. However, still, there are some people looking for an answer to an age-old question. This is a very basic question. You can fix your credit report only when you know what a good and a bad credit score is.

It’s a three digit number. The minimum credit score you can have is 300 and the maximum is 850. A bank or any other lender looks into your credit report to calculate your credit scores. It’s like a barometer in the hands of a lender. It’s a decisive factor for lenders that helps in deciding whether your loan should be approved or not. If you go through the best online credit report you have just received, you will find information related to debts you have, your payment history and credit history. Your credit score reflects your ability to pay off a loan. Though there are different models using different types of data to calculate a credit score, still the following table will be pretty helpful for you.

580 to 669


700 to 749




Lenders, banks and creditors will show more confidence in you if you have a higher credit score because you demonstrate responsible credit behavior. And, if your credit score is below 580, you need to improve your credit score. Credit score above 670 is acceptable. You are a low-risk borrower if you have a good or excellent credit score. Credit score between 580 and 669 makes you a “subprime borrower”. And, if your credit score is under 580, you are not in good books of banks, lenders and creditors. It will be difficult for you to get loans on better terms. You might get a loan but at a higher interest rate.

Here it is important to state that we all have different credit and financial solutions. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are the three major credit reporting bureaus. These bureaus create a credit report and calculate credit score differently. Some lenders and creditors report to Equifax only, some report to Experian only, some report to TransUnion only and some report to all three bureaus. Apart from this, there are different scoring models.        

Factors Impacting Credit Score

  • Bill Payment

In addition to the credit cards payments, missed or late payments of telephone bills and other accounts can affect your credit score. Do not skip or dispute bill payments. If you cannot pay bills on time due to some reason then contact the lender.      

  • Pay Off Debts

Do not delay, pay as early as you can.  

  • Apply For Credit Carefully

Applying for several credit accounts within a short span is not good for your credit report and credit score.

  • Keep Balance below the Limit

When you have balance higher than the credit limit, this will also negatively affect your credit score.  

  • Regularly check credit reports

You can get the best online credit report. Get it regularly.