Social media is undeniably one of the best, if not the best ways of getting a wider reach for your brand. All serious marketers should have an active social media presence across all networks from Facebook, LinkedIn to Instagram. The current social media is about being quick and responsive.

Social media might be overwhelming, especially for start-ups. If you want to save time with your digital marketing strategy, you should consider taking some assistance with the various social media tools. Be it creating purposeful content or increasing engagement, having the right social media auto posting tools will make your work a breeze. Well, if you need some advice, here are the best auto-posting tools you can consider.

·Sprout Social

Sprout social is an auto posting tool that perfectly meets the solutions of small businesses and big companies alike. This all-in-one awesome platform saves marketers the hassle of juggling between various social media platforms. It is an easy to use platform and feature packed, that sets it apart from other social media auto posting tools.


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As mentioned before, to boost your marketing efforts, it is prudent having a huge presence across all influential networks. This can be quite a tedious task jumping back and forth between networks, especially to starters. Besides, think of the bulk of publishing content to several social platforms and how much time it would take. Well, Sprout Social got you.

With this automation tool, you can easily publish your posts to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms simultaneously. The ability to schedule and post simultaneously across several networks maintains your social strategy at par. Apart from scheduling posts, Sprout Social is best for marketing team’s collaboration.

Through customized user-levelled permission, marketing managers, writers and other persons in your social media team can access the platform and collaborate easily. This tool’s calendar gives your team a bird-eye view of what has been published, scheduled to be published and promoted throughout. This ensures that the team gives every piece the attention it deserves.  


Like all other social media auto posting tools, CoSchedule main aim is to save time. This tool emphasizes on the efficiency of online brands towards their marketing strategy. With the ease of integration with your brand’s blogs through WordPress, this platform makes it easy to publish and push out content simultaneously.


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The other interesting feature of this tool is its comprehensive top content report that analyses the social shares and engagement from your posts. This is a fantastic option for marketers and brands looking to identify which of their content performs best and resonate with readers better.


Well, it is undeniable that content curation is among the biggest challenges as far as social media scheduling is concerned. Digging out for fresh and new pieces of content is not only time consuming but also tiring. Besides, you can’t always be posting your own content over and over. This is where this tool, Feedly comes in handy.

Feedly automatically curates interesting content to fill in your social media calendar. It eliminates the hassle of scrambling for new and relevant pieces to be published and keep your audience active in between your own content. It also takes off the pressure of managing your social feeds by saving and bookmarking content for future sharing.


Are you a Twitter enthusiast? Well, if so, Tweetdeck is a tool that is solely focused on Twitter scheduling and publishing. Integrating this tool in your Twitter profile gives a straightforward option that allows your brand to queue tweets on various accounts. All you need to do is set up the Tweet, choose a preferred time and wait for it to go live.

Besides its simplicity, this tool features a comprehensive dashboard that users can see their live feed, notifications, mentions and other Twitter activities in one place.


Initially, Instagram was an alien when it comes to social media auto posting tools. This is because third-party tools that publish directly to Instagram were prohibited. However, currently, that isn’t a problem anymore with Later being the official Instagram partner.

Later provides real-time text notification once a scheduled posting is due. Due to Instagram’s nature, Later is a good choice for brands working heavily with visual content and need to focus on growing their online Instagram presence. Other best features of Later include real-time post previews, basic analytics, hashtag curation and much more.

·Post Planner

As the name suggests, this is the tool to go for if you are looking for the best times to post on whichever social media you use. Besides scheduling posts as normal, this tool comes in handy when curating content. It curates content based on specific keywords and hashtags, something vital for brand exposure.

It also helps you pick the best days and time to post based on social media platform audience data. Its planning section outlines several types of content you post, be it articles, photos or videos, and how they are performing individually.


Social media scheduling and content creation always go hand in hand. Prudent marketers always make their content with their audience at the back of their mind. You would obviously want to post something that will trend, go viral and get the most number of social sharing. This requires accurate planning.

That said, Airtable makes the content planning process and social media scheduling easier. An individual or a marketing team planning for future pieces of content and strategize on how they will get instant promotion on multiple sites can use this tool.

Airtable is also an asset manager. Through this feature, the tool can sense the consistency of your campaigns and ads before publishing them. This allows you to be one step ahead of your social media posts by having a clue of how they will perform.


Not all social media auto posting tools are created equally. In fact, some even opt for help from marketing bots, though they may be against some social media site’s terms and conditions. As a marketer, you should find a simple, straightforward and feature-packed tool that gets your work done asap. This is the easiest way to grow your brand’s following, save time and push content to a wider reach. These tools are a perfect recipe for that deals with the current fast-paced social media marketing and crucial in getting your marketing goals achievable.