As we all know that for a website to get into the audience, Landing pages are crucial for any website or online shopping business. Therefore, it is the basic need for a website designer to create a purposeful landing page for all the small business owners and e-commerce websites.

However, technically speaking a landing page is an important marketing tool that highlights specific content and promoting the website visitors through CTA (call to action), thereby increasing website conversions. Most of the people think that web page and landing page are one and same. In fact, in reality these two are distinct from each other.

To put in simple words, web pages is how the website looks like. Home page, intro page or about us page, products overview, contact page etc. Web pages actually make up the navigation site.

Landing pages do not have any external links or navigational pages that lead to another page. Only target of landing page is to increase the conversion rates. In this blog, we will know the benefits of the landing page to help online business to grow. The top 7 benefits of landing pages are:

1. Landing Pages always work

Whenever you develop a website and its landing page, you also create a content right?. So, this content marketing strategy is part of marketing. Creating appealing content will attract the visitors and will eventually get the visitors to the sign up to your website, or download the forms etc. This is so far the best benefit of the landing page.

2. Instant Credibility:

Landing Page is a major credibility for any online business. It is the landing page that attracts the visitors. Visitors have to get the full information or details regarding their search. For them, landing page should be able to give a clarity on what they are looking for. You can instantly connect with the audience if the landing page is impressive.

3. Improve SEO Rank:

If you want to face the strict competition in the digital marketing, then you should have a high quality content. Never compromise on the content you give for the websites and also for the landing pages. However, with the increased competition you should constantly keep generating quality content. This also helps in boosting SEO rankings of your website. With a proper landing page, you can leverage SEO rankings with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. Good content with attractive landing page is definitely is a must for better visibility.

4. Increase Your Chances of profits:

For small business owners and large business owners, landing page in a website plays a vital role in creating your brand image, insights, and trust and customer relationship. You will surely stand tall in the competition.

Thus, a landing page should provide the audience with the solutions to their problems.

5. Improve brand image:

With the ultimate landing page design, you can consistently improve your banding status. Landing pages helps to build a brand awareness and helps to win against the competitors in the industry. Online shopping business will benefit largely since it is used to target a specific group of audience. You can design landing pages with actions that accommodate business goals too.

6.  Generate leads for a sales conversion funnel:

The lead generating landing pages play an important role in impressing the online shopping audience. The main agenda of lead generating landing pages is to collect personal information like first and last names, contact numbers and email address for further communication or follow up the customers.

So, one more point here to note is no user will give the personal information unless they don’t see trust signs like trust seal, https or green bar for the webpage because now people are more aware for their data security. That’s why most business websites are using EV SSL certificate for great visible features like https, padlock, business name in the browsing address bar for website/webpage.

7. Generate data & insights:

Another added advantage of landing page is to generate data and insights in business. However, when you link a landing page to any advertising campaign it becomes quite simple and handy to identify all the advertising channels of utmost interest. Moreover, you can also track the audience behavior and then generate powerful insights that boost your business.

The Bottom Line

As discussed above, landing pages benefit your online shopping business in a great extent. It is important to maintain the website and also the webpages to grab the attention of the audience. You know that the process of converting the visitors into your long term customers is very challenging. Concentrating on designing attractive and interactive landing pages will boost your online shopping business.