Apple and Google have been two opposing forces in the technology market for over a decade now. One is costly, stylish, rigid and worshipped by its fans. The other one is more gettable, affordable and flexible. Google and Apple both have their perks, and they have their quirks as well. To label one of them, the king of the market is not possible, at least not now for both of them have cemented a place in the hearts of their buyers.

But still, while we may not be able to crown one of them as a clear winner on a broader scale of things, we can, however, do that for some of their other ventures. Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, are their respective Virtual Assistant products which pretty much dominate the entire market on the whole. While both of them offer somewhat same functionalities, they also have certain characteristics that they excel in. So let us today pit both of these products against each other and try to figure out which one is superior to the other.

1. Surfing

On this front Google Assistant is the clear winner. It is because of Google Chrome’s powerful searching capabilities and traffic it receives that it dominates over Siri. The amount of highly accurate data Google has to offer, and its algorithm which filters through it to provide the user with lean slices of information leaves Siri light-years behind. Furthermore, Google Assistant's response time is incredible and adds one more point to its list of perks as well.

Point to: Google Assistant.

2. Compatibility

One thing which Apple users are frequently accused of is of being elitists. Once you become an Apple user, you are an Apple user for life, and you cannot stand any other product from any other brand, no matter how good it is. This is not a bad thing of course. Those who can afford Apple goods, love it with all their hearts and the same goes for Siri. But, the catch with Siri and most other Apple products is that they are not compatible with products from other brands. This is where Google Assistant increases its lead. Google Assistant runs on both, Android and iOS spectrums while Siri doesn’t run on any other platform other than iOS.  In other words, while Siri is flawless for Apple devices, Google Assistant works on multiple platforms. So we guess it’s a tie when it comes to compatibility.


3. Language

The very reason behind the existence of these virtual assistants is our growing laziness; we don’t even want to type to get information. So the solution which these virtual assistants offered was, don’t type it, say it. And we rejoiced upon this offering of course. But now, another problem presented itself. How to make this new device understand what we want? The problem, due to varying ethnicities and accents, is that it becomes a tough job for a VA to understand what you’re saying when it's AI has not been trained to understand your accent.

Siri is a clear loser in this department. It only reads commands if they are spoken clearly and in a particular manner. On the other hand, Google Assistant can understand your accent and your commands without you having to place them in a certain manner. So Google Assistant wins this round.

Point to: Google Assistant.

4. Music

Music is Apple’s forte. For years now, Apple’s love for music has pushed them to offer us many great devices and software tools. It has been the pioneer of many new technologies which revolutionized the music industry like never before. Its deft in the music domain is visible in Siri as well. The access to libraries and playback of favorite tunes enable a great experience even though the contextual commands to use Siri. Unfortunately, this front, Google cannot conquer by its sheer flexibility.

Points to: Siri

5. Taking Commands

Google’s ability to understand simple commands allows it to be a little less tedious than Siri. Meanwhile, both of them perform seamlessly and flawlessly execution-wise, triggering that function is where Siri falls behind. Its limited contextual understanding makes it, sadly, inferior to Google Assistant.

Point to: Google Assistant.

6. Response

One of the prime battlegrounds for these two goliaths to go against each other is the response time. Here’s the thing, when a user asks a question, he might be in a great hurry, so even a small lag here in the response time can immediately make him loathe his trusted VA. So the time between the asking of the question and its reply should be as small as possible. Here, Google is the winner again. Though Siri is able to answer all the questions in a respectable time, Google Assistant’s mind-boggling response time puts Siri to shame and takes the point.

Point to: Google Assistant.

The Score Card

Google Assistant:- 4

Siri:- 1

Tie:- 1

Google Wins by 4 to 1 over Siri.

The Verdict

It is clear that Google Assistant is a much more superior tool than Siri. Having said that,  Siri is an excellent tool and works splendidly within the Apple spectrum. So those of you who can’t even fathom of using any other device and want to give Apple rewards of loyalty, Siri is your obvious choice. But those of you who don’t share the same love for Apple as others, Google Assistant is the Virtual Assistant you want to go with this year.