Summer is the season which remembers the temperature on the earth would be very high. The water intake is more when compared to another season because of the hot sun. River and small stream in this season will be dried up and animals will be moving one place to another in search of water. Even the plants and tree will turn into brown because of no proper water supply. We have to save the water as much as we can. If possible sprinkle up the plants and keep a small bowl of water for the birds particularly in the summer season. India is rich in fruits and herbs which is very unique in a particular region and each place is famous for drinks.


There are some fruit juices which can give relief from thirsty


Lemon Juice


This is one of the famous and favorite ones of every person and it is also very cheapest, mostly used in summer. This can be made tastier by adding mint leaves, crushed cumin, black pepper. Lemon is easily available in every place of India. Lemon juice is very good for summer season problems like nausea and dehydration. The taste of the lemon increases the water intake more during summer because it is very important to be dehydrated in summer. Lemon water is an antioxidant and excellent source of vitamin C and minerals like potassium, magnesium etc.


Butter Milk


This is one of the drink found in every Indian kitchen and consumed after coming from hot sun or after a meal. Buttermilk is prepared from yogurt by adding lots of water and blended well with added salt. You can also add chilly coriander leaves for the better taste and it will enhance the taste of buttermilk. It is consumed to keep the body cool. In ancient times, buttermilk is used to maintain health and also to fight against some diseases. It will also help with food digestion and gives energy to the body.


Mango water


Summer is the season for mangoes and you can see many types of mangoes coming in the market. The mango water is made up of raw mangoes which protect you from heat strokes and keep your body cool. Raw mangoes are rich in vitamin C and iron, it is also called as kings of fruits. Apart from this, you can also make juice of riped mangoes which helps for digestion but green mangoes are rich in fiber when compare to riped mangoes. It has powerful antioxidants which helps to boost the immunity system and prevents flu and cold.


Orange Juice


Orange juice is a signature drink for summer which keeps the body hydrated. It is just like lemon which is a citrus fruit. Oranges are very rich in calcium, fiber, and vitamin C which is very low in calories. It is a very vibrant food and refreshing fruit rich with natural oil and vitamins. Overall it has very good for health.


These are the few drinks which are very good for health.