GST or the goods and services tax is all the rage in the Indian market since its official commencement on July 1, 2017. This new tax regime basically subsumes all previous indirect taxes that were levied by the center and the states. The government aims to make a one India, one market policy possible through this single tax regime that works throughout the country.

The threshold for GST registration is 20 lakhs rupees annual turnover for all but the North-Easter states where the limit is 10 lakhs rupees.

Narendra Modi’s government has made everything from registration to filing GST returns online, you just simply have to go to and get started with the registration process.

However, if you have a business with branches in other states as well, you have to register in all states. So, the process can become quite tedious. Also for those who have a small business and are not technologically sound enough to do it online or for those who just do not have enough time, there are professional service providers who do this for you. Yes, there are professional firms and agents who can do your GST number registration in Delhi for you in a small fee.

What are the Benefits of GST number registration in Delhi through an agent?

Here are some of the benefits to registering under GST with the help of a professional firm or an agent:

  1. You save time and hassle: Yes, GST registration can be done online. However, it is a long tedious process and takes time. You might have to do it multiple times in case the officer doesn’t verify you because of the lack of some details, there are always cases of technical problems and whatnot. So, when you go through a professional firm, you can let them take the hassle. You will only have to pay a small fee and will get your GST number without wasting your time or hassle.
  2. No worries if you aren’t sound internet-wise: Because GST registration is online and there is a single compliance center for all, it has made things easier for most people. However, for those who are not well-acquainted with technology, it can be a challenge. And, those are the people that can really benefit from hiring a professional firm/agent that can help them get registered under GST.
  3. No running around tax offices: Since you can also file returns online, you don’t have to spend your time running around tax offices anymore. And, when you hire a professional firm to get your GST number, you can easily get it done without even having to visit their office. A simple transfer of photocopies of required documents can help you get GST number registration in Delhi done without any hassle.

There are many GST number registration service providers in Delhi. Always hire a reputable, reliable and professional service provider. Go through a firm that can also help you file your returns and with other tax issues. That way, you don’t have to look for another tax firm in the future when you need it.