Welcome to our page about a guide to ceramic cookware. Today we are going to be looking at some ceramic coated cookware, discussing the advantages of having these cooking sets, and then taking a look at some of the better sets you can currently buy. These sets of cookware are fantastic for cooking, so read on to find out why you should get a set. Alternatively, you can skip the reviews section below this if you want to look at some of the products we can recommend to you.

The Advantages of Ceramic Coated Cookware

Ceramic cookware is a great investment for several reasons which we will talk about now. The first man advantage is the even distribution of heat. Unlike tradition steel or aluminum pots or pans, ceramic pots and pans get heated properly on the sides too. This is great because this ensures that your food gets well cooked at the bottom as well as the sides, so you aren’t left with a mixture of burnt and uncooked food. In addition, to this, it also means that the pot or pan stays warmer for longer, which is ideal if your family eats at different times and you need the food to stay warm for longer.

The heat distribution properties of ceramic are similar to cast iron which is renowned for being excellent. The problem with cast iron, however, is that it needs to be seasoned properly after each usage which can be a bit of a pain. Ceramic cookware, on the other hand, does not need any seasoning because of the coating, so you get the best of both worlds in this case.

The enamel glazing on ceramic sets is the reason why it doesn’t require any seasoning. This enamel coating, which usually consists of porcelain glaze and glass powder provides a smooth surface covering which is incredibly tough and durable. It is chip and crack resistant, and helps the cookware to be able to withstand high temperatures. This is great for dishes like casseroles and stews.

Another advantage of the coating is that it is nonstick. This means you don’t need to worry about food getting stuck to the cookware. It is also dishwasher safe, and cleaning it is a breeze. Most folks use a paper towel to wipe out the remaining food and to then give it a quick wipe. This is how easy it is to get clean.

You also don’t need any oil to lubricate the cookware, as the coating allows lubrication free cooking. At the end of the day, this translates to healthier and tastier food since none of it gets mixed with fatty oils and the flavor is sealed into the food. All you need to do is coat it with a little bit of oil before you use it the first time, then this coating should last about a year before you need to re-apply another coat. You must remember to do this to keep the coating in top shape. If you put the cookware through the dishwasher then you may need to re-coat it more frequently as the dishwasher tends to remove the oil much quicker than hand washing does.