E-Commerce is driving a huge business worldwide as per Statista, it was $2.8 trillion is 2018 and expected to hit $4.9 trillion by 2021. As the number speaks it all, online stores can be really profitable for you.

As a layman, for getting your business online is takes it to choose the products you want to sell, contact an e-commerce development company, get the website ready, update the products and there you go! Time to collect orders!

No way, e-commerce is not a cake walk, so get this straight in your mind that it will be a tough ride. When you are seeking for the optimization of your e-commerce store, I believe you have already completed the groundwork of choosing the products and creating the e-commerce store by consulting with custom software development company. But, are products purchase ready?

Well, if you are unsure then check the list of certain tips below to make e-commerce ready.

1.    Improve product pages

a.    HD Quality Product Images: First and foremost thing is the product images. Why? In e-commerce, your customers can’t physically touch the product. So, it is the product image only that can give the customer the look and feel of the product. This way the image quality can have a huge impact on the buyer’s decision of purchasing the product. Also, reduce the image size by online tools like TinyPng. This will enable speedy image downloads. Also, don’t forget to add alt-tags to your images, this enables search engines to understand what the image is about.

b.    Detailed Product Descriptions: A catchy, keyword-rich SEO-friendly title with a brand name attracts customers and unfolds many benefits for e-commerce development company. The title may or may not include the department or the audience it is targeting. Whereas, the product descriptions explain everything about the quality, dimensions, and material of the product. So, it is better to have a detailed product description pages for your business.

2.    Leverage the Reach of Social Media:

a.    Instagram: Your e-commerce business needs connectivity and with a crowd of 500 million regular active users, Instagram can make it happen for you. All you need is appealing product photos or activity photos with the appropriate hashtags to engage with the audience that can bring profit to your brand. And, keep in mind it is not only about the profit but how you can serve them and give them the quality products as per their budget. You can post the compelling stories and interact with other brands. Social media is the matter of ease if you hire magento developer.  

b.    Facebook Store: Facebook pages are the sort of mandate for every brand. It builds the credibility of your users towards your brand. Facebook enables you to create a community around your brand to build the community of like-minded people. Do you know that you also sell from Facebook? Yes, the Facebook store can be your go to. Also, you can integrate it with your Shopify store, so you need not to update separate inventory for different platforms.

c.    Pinterest: These days Pinterest is also driving better profit to the online stores. It enables building a huge network with proper information sharing like infographics or how-to-tricks. Pinterest is capable of enhancing your keyword value in search engines. Also, you can create distinct boards of your product categories. It serves equally as if you are making unique product description pages for your products. Obviously, you can do it without any technical know-how. You can also create the buyable pins that land people to their shopping cart.

d.    Cross-linking: Cross-link your social media channels and e-commerce store, so your customers or the potential customers can easily navigate between the two. Also, the score of your social media store does affect the credibility of your brand.

3.    Improve your email campaigns: Email campaigns will not run only for a handful of email addresses, or with the one-time interaction. The consistent communication with customers is the sole requirement. This surely does not mean to bug them senselessly. However, let’s be honest you can’t remember the name of the company of every product you purchase unless it's a renowned brand. That’s why you need to build customer relations, you can shoot the personalized emails for:

a.    Choosing your brand and products can cater to it as welcome mail.

b.    Promo codes for next purchase

c.    Regular or monthly newsletters or informing about any new product launch

d.    Requesting feedback and how valuable it is for your brand.

e.    Occasion specific product launches

4.    Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate: All thanks to mobiles, people swipe and search for many products while commuting and instantly add them to the wish list. However, your business depends upon the conversion, so that’s just half of the battle. In addition, the other half is still left to fight; you need to thrive for “making it to the shopping cart”. Well, that’s the fact that people don’t purchase half of the products they add in the wishlist or even in the cart.

However, you need to keep an eye on your purchase funnel. You need to check that where exactly your customers are leaving for like most of the time. This can help you make better strategies to reduce this cart abandonment rate. One of the tricks is the wishlist reminder emails! This way you need to convince your customers if the product is out of stock or selling out soon, so they need to make their purchase decisions as quickly as they can!

5.    Live Chat: It’s not always that you provide the standard things only. When customization is the new trend, you never know what your customer is exactly looking for. In addition, the live chat enables your customer to share their product requirement, exactly in the way they need it.

Also, this enables your users to interact with your brand rather than just leaving, if they didn’t find the right product. You can help them navigate to the product category or the range of their choice. Also, you can collect the leads for customized product orders. This is possible if you hire Magento developer, as it is the leading platform.

The fundamental key of success for the custom software development is just that your customer shouldn’t leave you unless they are looking for an entirely different category than your offerings.

So, that makes the journey of finding the right audience. In this journey, you need to make good connections, introduce your audience with the range and list of products, convince them why to purchase and finally being done with the purchase.


So, the ultimate profit comes with boosting your conversion rate. And, the average conversion rate of an online store is 2.77% across the globe, as per Monetate. By trying the strategies that we shared above can bring a boost in sales for your business. But, let me clarify that these are some of the tricks that worked for some businesses.

However, every business is distinct, so what works for others may or may not equally work for you. E-commerce is more about experimenting part for web development services. You can try your own strategies that you feel that can make a difference. And, if it doesn’t don’t give up. Maybe it’s time to explore something new.

Don’t always be a trend follower, you can be a trendsetter too! Cheers, time to try some of these ideas now.

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