Sky Sparks (Total Prize Money: INR 2.40 lakhs)

The competition involves RC aircraft with electric motors. The competition provides a platform to compete different flyers through a series of different rounds doing different manoeuvres and showing their talent in flying like payload dropping, limbo flying and on spot landing. More than 300 people participated in Sky Sparks 2018 which was sponsored by Boeing and also served as a prelim to the Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition.

Hovermania (Total Prize Money: INR 80k)

The competition as the name suggests is a rugby match among hovercrafts. Each team has to design and fabricate one hovercraft that is lightweight, easily maneuverable, quick and strong. They must throw their opponent off the arena in a match of hovermania. Here is a chance to design the most efficient quick wrestling hovercraft that you have ever imagined.

Multirotor (Total Prize Money: INR 1 lakh)

Come meet some of the top Multi-rotor pilots, technicians, inventors and enthusiasts of the country at Take-off, Techkriti. Amaze the audience with your models and make this competition a great success with your performances. You will be judged on various aspects of a multirotor that is on the expertise of your flying skill, the stability of your bot and the ability to pick and drop payloads. Your multirotor should be well fabricated and controls should be highly sophisticated in order to advance further in this competition.