IOPC (Total Prize Money: INR 1 lakh)

It is a programming contest where each coder whacks his brain to code solutions to the given problems. This contest tests optimization, proficiency, skills & hard work of the teams and trying till the end matters. It is a 3-hr online coding competition that gathers high international participation. The difficulty level of the problems varies from medium to difficult and the codes can be of C, C++, Pascal, Python, Java, etc.

Chaos (Total Prize Money: INR 30k)

Chaos lets you show off your worth as a new age programmer unrestricted by the bounds of languages and time. Teams participating are put through a brain-teasing session where they would be required to code solutions for given problems in a fresh new language whose documentation shall be provided at the time of the competition. The teams are required to understand the API of the new language and code solutions to given problems in that language.

CTF (Capture the flag) (Total Prize Money: INR 50k)

Capture The Flag (CTF) requires contestants to integrate concepts, develop skills and learn to hack as they go. Participants here, tackle problems in a series of real-world scenarios modelling all sorts of computer security problems, wherein, to succeed, they must demonstrate a profound understanding of the roles and ramifications of cyber security in those situations. The first round of the event will be a standard CTF wherein participants have to find a flag by solving the problems, the finalists from this round will participate in an Attack and Defence wherein they have to defend their code and at the sametime exploit the vulnerabilities in others codes.

Code-golf (Total Prize Money: INR 30k)

In a game of golf the player who completes the course in the fewest strokes wins.Codegolf is a programming competition based upon the same idea.The goal of this competition is to implement a given algorithm correctly with the shortest source code. The creativity and the skills are tested to an extreme level as the only way to win is by having an excellent out of the box idea.

IHPC (Total Prize Money: INR 45k)
High-Performance Computing refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than a typical desktop computer or workstation for solving complex computational problems. High-performance computing is typically used for solving advanced problems and performing research activities through computer modeling, simulation and analysis.It involves developing parallel processing algorithms and time defying calculations. IHPC is an opportunity to harness the power of a supercomputer while sitting comfortably at home. The event will involve problems that take days or months to solve on the ordinary systems so the submissions will be computed on PARAM Yuva supercomputer at IIT Kanpur, and correctly solutions will be the winners.