IARC (Total Prize Money: INR 2 lakhs)

International Autonomous Robotics Challenge (IARC) is one of the major events of Techkriti. IARC has been an event which has attracted maximum international participation in Techkriti throughout the years. In the previous edition of Techkriti, it witnessed participation from different countries like Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka etc. The problem statement will be based on the concept of the autonomous line-following maze, wall following, wall maze, colour detection and object counting.

Robowars (Total Prize Money: INR 2.5 lakhs)

Techkriti’s flagship event Robowars is the ultimate test of engineering excellence, teamwork, strategy, and gaming. Techkriti provides you with the opportunity to witness robots ripping apart from each other. Each team has to come up with a wired/wirelessly controlled robot capable of a one on one combat. With pneumatic pincers, mighty armours, nifty axes and more innovative weapons, these merciless mercenaries shall fight for the glory of their makers, upholders of the dignity of their institutions. The law of the jungle, of 'might is right', shall prevail. 

Manoeuvre (Total Prize Money: INR 60k)

This event requires that participants construct a 4 wheeled gripper robot with constrained dimensions which could move over various terrains and performs simple tasks such as grabbing and shifting. Gameplay consists of two bots coordinating with each other and transporting and moving the blocks and special objects around and then stacking or arranging them in patterns thus fetching points.

Autonomous Driving Robot  (Total Prize Money: INR 2 lakhs)

The event will involve participants to build a ground vehicle that has to employ the use of image processing and environment mapping to follow the lane assigned on the arena and avoid all the obstacles in the path. The arena will also include rough terrains and sharp turns and the bot is required to maintain a specified minimum speed during the entire play. The bot is required to complete all the tasks autonomously and no intervention is allowed.