IORC (Total Prize Money: INR 60k)

It is an Indian Open Speedcubing competition conducted in association with WCA. The World Cube Association (WCA) governs competitions for all such puzzles. The legacy of the Indian Open continues and we present the 12th edition of the competition. It  has witnessed many national records being broken since 2008. All results secured in the competition will be uploaded in the WCA Database and each participant will receive their national, continental and global rankings in all the events he/she participates in.

Mandakini (Total Prize Money: INR 20k)

Mandakini tests the grip of students over the subjects of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Mandakini has a two-round competition, an indoor and an outdoor round. The first round will be inside our planetarium where various situations will be given as problem statements to find solutions to. The second is a night sky round with a telescope and laser pointer. Select teams will also get to visit the Observatory for Amateur Astronomical Research exclusive to IIT Kanpur at its renowned airstrip