Bridge Design Challenge (Total Prize Money: INR 40k)

A great opportunity to prove your mettle as an innovative engineer and mark your talent nationwide by building your own model of bridge. Now it’s time to build a bridge model with Creativity, Design & Technique. The model built by each team will be tested till failure by applying an incremental static load. So, do come and be a part of this extraordinary event which will surely leave you with a marvelous experience.

Egg Drop Challenge (Total Prize Money: INR 30k)
Egg drop challenge is an on the spot event in which teams have to design a compact structure using different types of materials acquired under budget constraints. Teams have to design a structure that can prevent the egg from cracking when dropped from a certain height. The egg is an analogical representation of some precious cargo, such as a human being, that ideally should not be harmed upon reentry into the atmosphere from space.

Tiny House Design Challenge (Total Prize Money: INR 35K)

An increasing population has put a big task for designers to provide a solution to tackle the problem of optimizing the living space. The increasing desire of the population for simpler and lower cost living has created a new market. The ‘Tiny house moment’, which is an architectural and social movement for the purpose of advocates living simply in small houses is picking its pace in popularity. So, the task is to create and design a 3D model of a house of the given dimension with a number of items of your wish, so that a family consisting of three members (husband, wife and their daughter/son(<10yrs)) can live in it, and should be able to perform their given routine tasks and needs in it.