Battlefield (Total Prize Money: INR 40k)

Participants are given a case study that they are to solve using data analytics tools, techniques and methodologies after initial shortlisting. The final round would consist of a final presentation round. The event focusses on building practical business skill-set and applications of statistical and analytical methods.

Marketing Villa (Total Prize Money: INR 25k)

To be a smart marketer you need to understand customer needs better than your competitor does. After all, Marketing is everything a company does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them. ‘Marketing Villa’ is back to bring out the smartest and most innovative marketers and gauge their creative acumen through an Ad-making competition.

Best Manager (Total Prize Money: INR 25k)

There is no equation to describe the best manager, but we know when we see one, courtesy Buizkriti’s legacy. Communication skills, managerial ability and level-headedness are a must to ace this, bonus points if you bring in your own USP. As they say, being the best is easy, staying the best is the hardest.

Sup-Operati (Total Prize Money: INR 25k)

Sup-Operati focuses on testing participants knowledge on supply chain and operations management. The Sup-Operati is not just a competition, it is way beyond that, it is the actual soul of business events in Techkriti’19, analogous to a business model where operations and supply chain management.