Node.js server technology is used to create and run a wide variety of web applications, and is quite similar to what Ruby On Rails, Spring Framework and ASP.NET does. It leverages JavaScript as the main language, which is a lightweight built-in web server and has a plethora of Plugins managed via the Node Package Manager (NPM), allowing you to custom-build your applications to meet your needs. It may sound like any other good web technology, but it has certain features that make it a popular choice among developers to build a wide spectrum of web applications.

1. It is JavaScript Everywhere

One of the most compelling motivations why Node.js is so famous is on account of it utilizes JavaScript as its fundamental dialect to fabricate web applications. What's more, to be completely forthright, JavaScript is presently the main decision to create web applications in the program. What more! Another and powerful structure is acquainted often with charm engineers. With Node.js, JavaScript has truly reformed on the server. The dialect is regular to most web engineers, and is absolutely driving the present reality. What's more, as per specialists, the pattern won't blur away soon.

Since JavaScript is a dialect that most designers know or have utilized eventually of time, the change from another web innovation to Node.js is a breeze. This settles on it a favored decision among web designers.

2. It's exceptionally quick

Node.js is principally a JavaScript runtime that is controlled by V8, created by Google for use in Chrome. V8 can assemble and execute JavaScript at extremely quick speed, essentially in light of the fact that it accumulates JavaScript into a local machine code. Moreover, Node.js has a mystical occasion circle, which is a solitary string playing out all I/O activities in a nonconcurrent way. In Node.js, when an application needs to perform I/O activity, it sends offbeat errands and callback activity to the occasion circle, and after that keeps on playing out whatever is left of the program. On consummation of match up activity, the occasion circle consequently comes back to the undertaking to execute callback. This is much not at all like customary circling, which expends a great deal of memory and is outstandingly hard to execute.

In this manner, perusing/writing to record framework, organize associations, and to the database is executed quick in Node. It enables designers to manufacture quick and exceedingly versatile system applications that are fit for taking care of mass measures of concurrent associations having high throughput.

What is NodeJS?


3. It is Lightweight

Ordinarily, Node.js utilizes a fundamental occasion driven design. This means the world executed on it, including each and every activity and call, is a progression of nonconcurrent callback. This empowers Node to keep running on a solitary string as dissimilar to other web advancements where another string is produced for each customer ask. This makes it light-in-weight, as well as structures the establishment of Node's non-blocking I/O highlight.

4. A Single Language for All Layers

Another key advantage of Node.js is dialect re-utilize. Other web innovations like Spring or ASP.NET expects engineers to have learning in another dialect to compose code on the server-side, be it VB.NET, Java, or C#. This implies all capacities fundamentally incorporate two dialects – one on the customer side and the other on server-side. In actuality, Node utilizes JavaScript for the customer and server side. In this manner, web designers need to communicate just in a solitary dialect over all layers. Adding to it, this can be re-utilized again and again for future interchanges.

5. Elite

PayPal utilizes Node.js, and has detailed multiplying the quantity of solicitations per-second and decreasing the reaction time by 35%. Then again, Wal Mart, the retail mammoth had a heavenly involvement with Node.js in 2013, when they put all their portable construct activity by means of Node.js in light of Black Friday, the busiest shopping time. Incredibly, on Black Friday, Wal Mart servers did not go over a minor 1% CPU use but they send with 200,000,000 clients on the web. LinkedIn, the worldwide systems administration site, moved from Ruby to Node to deal with their versatile activity, and decreased the quantity of servers to 30 to 3, i.e. just about 90% lessening. The new framework was up to 20 times quicker. Every one of these figures obviously show execution capacity of Node.js.

6. It can be Hosted Anywhere

Or on the other hand to state, anyplace! Considering exponential development in Node.js utilization as of late, there are a few cloud-based facilitating suppliers and web servers that help web applications based on Node out-of-the-case. This incorporates Google, Amazon AWS, Heroku, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Azure, and numerous others.

7. It is Easy to Modify and Maintain

Customarily fabricated applications turn out to be less versatile and unbending after some time as new necessities are sustained. In the long run, they begin squeaking under the pressure they were not worked for. Be that as it may, growing new administrations utilizing Node.js is relatively simpler. With Node, a group of little applications is worked rather than a solitary, expansive application. This permits rolling out improvements or including another usefulness no sweat, without making changes somewhere inside the code-base.

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