Sails is, obviously, a web structure. In any case, make a stride back. What does that mean? Once in a while, when we allude to the "web", we mean the "front-end web." We consider ideas like web guidelines, or HTML 5, or CSS 3; and systems like React, or Vue.js, or jQuery. Sails isn't "that kind" of a web structure. Sails works incredible with React and Vue, yet you could never utilize Sails rather than those libraries. 

Then again, now and then when we discuss "web structures", we mean the "back-end web." This brings out ideas like REST, or HTTP, or WebSockets; and advances like Java, or Ruby, or Node.js. A "back-end web" system causes you do things like form APIs, serve HTML records, and handle a huge number of concurrent clients. Sails is "that kind" of web structure.