If you search for Node.js web frameworks, you are sure to come across Express.js very often. Express.js is among the top Node.js frameworks and not without reason?—?many developers love it for creating an efficient platform for building robust applications and APIs. It is one of the four components of the well-known MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js) which is a toolset that is very frequently used for building web applications. Here Express serves as a middleware between the front-end, database, and back-end of an application.

This routing framework is very flexible and lightweight and offers excellent possibilities in terms of using plugins, extensions and third-party databases. Express.js is often referred to as the server framework for Node.js, as it creates an HTTP server for Node.js and supports the middleware functionality needed to respond to the HTTP requests.

Express.js, being one of the most popular web frameworks for Node.js, has a superb set of documentation and enjoys great community support. This means that you will have little trouble finding reusable components and libraries for Express.js. Moreover, it doesn’t require the use of specific development practices or particular tools, so JavaScript developers get the utmost freedom.

The clear structure created by Express.js is capable of supporting large, feature-rich applications using big data, such as media streaming or live chats. Its excellent scalability possibilities allow building enterprise-size applications with top-quality performance. Using Express.js our DA-14 team built a powerful booking application for tradesmen, called Fixington. This service helps you find reliable tradespeople in a minute and book them online. While another well-known example is Myspace, a social network that, among other functions, supports video and audio sharing as well as online radio. One more case of a great web app designed with Express.js is Yummly, a recipe search website providing personalized cooking recommendations.

What is difference between Node.JS and Express.JS?