An insulator is an equipment used to insulate the electrically charged part of equipment or machine, so I don't cause damage to other charged particles or charge the uncharged metal parts of the machine.

Broadly, insulators are divided into two types based on the material used to make them. The ceramic porcelain insulators are used in transmission and distribution lines where polymer insulators are used in high voltage transmission system. These insulators are further divided into six types based on their industrial use in power transmission for supporting the conductors on the tower.

Pin Type Insulator

This is the first type of insulator developed to be used for overhead lines for voltage ranging up to 33 kV. The conductor has an umbrella type design o it can protect the lower part of the insulator from getting wet from water in the rainy season as it has to stand the potential charge between the earth and the conductor. Many companies like Minyang China and GIG provide the latest designs of pin type insulators for industrial use.

Post Insulators

These insulators are suitable for higher voltage. Unlike the pin insulator, post insulator consists of many petticoats. It is made of porcelain and includes a fixing clamp arrangement in the bottom and top end. For higher voltage requirement, two or more insulators can be attached to meet the need.

Suspension Insulator

It includes discs insulators attached together to sustain the voltage level. The discs can be increased or decreased according to the voltage level. The conductors are hanging or suspended below the insulators in order to protect it from lightning. According to leading insulating companies like minyang china, chaparral and others, more spacing should be provided between the conductors for larger suspension insulator system.

String Insulators

When suspension string is used to sustain the higher load of conductors, it is then known as string insulators. It is important for string insulators to have a considerable mechanical strength as well as necessary insulating properties to sustain the high level voltage of the conductors.

Stay Insulators

It is suitable for low voltage lines. The stay insulators are to be used from the ground to the height. It is usually made out of porcelain and is designed in a way that the attached wire will not fall to the ground if the insulator breaks.

Shackle Insulators

Shackle insulators are usually used in low voltage distribution network. The conductor that is fixed with the shackle insulator is placed with the help of soft binding wire. It can be used in a horizontal and vertical position.