There's a huge amount of email pamphlets out there that are for Developers and Designers. I've thought of a rundown of them that I accept merit looking at. The ones recorded here are free. I trust that somebody discovers this rundown helpful!

I had to plug my own newsletter. This one is free and sends out a hand selected batch of articles relating to Web Development once a week, on Fridays. The articles listed in this newsletter cover trending topics, news, entertainment and of course educational material. It’s completely free and there is no advertising space in the emails. The max amount of emails you can expect a week is two. Most of the time, you will only get one email, on Friday, around 6PM EST. In the future, once I can afford the time, I will be seeking out writers to be weekly contributors. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

JavaScript Weekly
Here's another free week by week bulletin concentrating on JavaScript news and JS related articles. It as of late declared that it has outperformed 150,000 supporters.

Frontend Focus
This one is also free and focuses on any and all news related to front-end development. It’s very similar to JavaScript Weekly.

Changelog Weekly
While not specifically focused on Web Development, it is focused on open-source news that’s happened during the week. It’s also free!

Morning Cup of Coding
The next one is unique in the list, due to the fact that it sends out daily emails. It focuses on recent and deeply educational articles and news. It’s my personal favorite out of every other one on this list, including my own.

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