If you’re on this page, I think you’ll agree with us when we say, “Globally, e-commerce is a strongly growing domain with no signs of decline for 2018 and even the following years.” Digital buyers are increased worldwide, it states for 46.4% and will increase to 47.3% in 2018. That means its good time to build an online storefront and start selling online. And it’s absolutely true.

You may find many online tips on “How to Build an Online StoreOnline Selling, and online store website builders etc” all are very informative and effective in-case you want to build an eCommerce website only. But 2018 and following years promises more disruption ahead for retailers if they don’t figure out the changing shopping behaviors and adopt new technology trends.

According to IHL Group, retailers are opening 4,080 more stores in 2017 than they are closing, and plan to open over 5,500 more in 2018.


What is important to note, e-commerce business is growing, it shows a rise in market volume, sales, and revenue not only in top-performing economies, but in developing countries, also. But online stores are shutting down also.

The reason is they are not able to keep up with the change in trend, new technologies adoption and ever-changing shopping behavior of customers.

We have written this post to help you create an online store, sell, grow and make it easy for your customers to buy by adopting changing shopping behavior, trends, and technologies in the online storefront.

Omnichannel experience — Build an end-to-end online shopping experience; your omnichannel presence must be strategically aligned with your marketing strategy and brand experience. Omnichannel is now the standard. Retailers who continue to invest in their omnichannel strategies will succeed; those that don’t will fail.

Promote product quality, transparency, & sustainability on the store to flourish.

Try to provide unique in-store experiences to engage your customers. 78% of businesses rate the importance of integrating e-commerce and in-store experiences as important/business critical.

Make buying easy — adopt easily to use and secure payment solutions. Make efforts to adopt mobile payment solutions.

Invest in investing in smaller-format stores to accommodate consumer desire for more specialized selections. Specialty stores will be more productive than department stores.

Add personalization — According to an Accenture Interactive study, “56% of consumers are more likely to shop at a retailer in-store or online that recognizes them by name.

Ship it the customer way — Same-day shipping will become more prominent. As per a recent study, “80% of shoppers surveyed want same-day shipping, while 61% want their packages even faster — within 1–3 hours of placing an order.”

Retailtainment — It is the fusion of retail and entertainment — in this the retails try to provide a unique experience with fun to customers to elevate shopping.

Data for retail success — More retailers will apply data to every part of the retail process, from the supply chain all the way to the post-purchase stage of the buyer’s journey. Utilize business intelligence and AI to make data-backed decisions and outperform those who don’t.

Shopping apps — retail-centric apps will increase, and we can expect merchants to leverage them to stay competitive.

Third Party tools and platforms for Selling — Retailers are looking to sell their products on Instagram are using solutions such as Like2BuyTopshop, and Soldsie to make their photos “shoppable.” Retailers are increasingly using third parties to get their products into consumers’ hands quickly and easily.

Retail and technology are inseparable — Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, and the Internet of Things are future technologies for eCommerce businesses to elevate and personalize the buying experience at every stage of customer’s journey.

E-Commerce apps — Glass touchscreens, fashion store apps, augmented reality shopping apps are working as multiple touch points and interactive components of storefronts.

E-Commerce marketing — Add marketing accurately, dedicated roles should be assigned to experienced search marketers to infuse strategic, creative, and above all creating and implementing engaging customer experience oriented marketing campaigns.

Email, Social, Push notifications and SMS — Multi-channel marketing — targeting consumers at each stage of their path to purchase through email, SMS, push notifications and more will cease to be an afterthought and instead become a baseline necessity for successful marketing in 2018.

More Tips for Developing a Successful E-Commerce Site


Is your retail business ready for the future?

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