To be able to use SoundCloud for expanding your listenership, followers, and likes; you should make the best use of the features. Here is a detailed guide for you to understand, how to get more plays, followers or likes on Soundcloud for free.

SoundCloud is the only network that enables you to reach out to such a large base of music fans. Without a doubt, it is a unique and efficient network to market your music or become an influencer in the music industry.

For new artists, SoundCloud is a really convenient and exceptionally organized network that allows you to discover your target audience/listeners. There are so many musicians who have used the give features correctly and got a breakthrough from established record labels. You can also explore the features, gain listeners and circulate your music all over. To do it in the right way you should read out the guide.

Here are some recommended actions you need to implement to get more SoundCloud Plays and Followers:

1.    Choose a relevant name/brand name

If your name is engaging for the youth (a broader category of listeners), your music is likely to get an appreciation as well. The display name should not be too lengthy or complicated that has the potential to confuse the audience. It can come across as a big hurdle for you while promoting or marketing your brand name. The title should click with the current trends and expectations of the listeners. Come up with creative solutions, which can help you stand out on search engines as well. Avoid silly choices like Rocky777, rather it should be ‘MusicalRock’. Make it fun, attractive and unique to help you stand out among so many others.

2. Include links


If you are an active user on major social media channels, it’s a great advantage for you to share the music with so many known contacts. It will be of great help, also make sure that the titles you are using for different Social media handles should look similar and familiar with each other. One should get to know that they belong to one person. For instance, if its ‘MusicalRock’, then the handles are suggested to be similar to the name.

According to the social media expert, if you want a large audience to listen to you, it’s essential to ‘Add links’ that leads them to your profile.

3. Organize your bio and contact info well

In the music industry, you should come across as someone who is working on projects and have some valuable experience, so even if you are new or an upcoming artist, it is better to tag or name renowned names in the bio. Otherwise, regular listeners do not pay much attention to any newbie without much experience. You can showcase your work in a presentable manner or precisely more professionally that it gets attention from the listeners and big influencers.

4. Post tracks of high-quality

Do not take chances with quality, you cannot compromise on that. Maintain a high-quality impression, always upload worthy content. There is no hurry when it’s about compromising on the quality of a song. Keep in mind that the track streams in 128 kbps speed on SoundCloud, so make sure that the track is properly mixed and mastered.

5. Create refreshing music with listeners’ taste

Nothing else matters if you can innovate new things, sooner or later you will be noticed. You are not essentially required to buy SoundCloud Plays, they will increase eventually. As long as the music is new and refreshing for the ears of listeners, it’s going to go a long way. Try to figure out what the audiences are craving to listen to, make something that soothes their mind and heart.

6. Maintain your upload frequency, you are here to stay

Once you have a loyal fanbase, stick to their expectations. They are keen to listen from, you got to respect that. It is not a one-time achievement, you need to fulfill the expectations every time. Keep doing good work, new cover songs, remixes, experimental work and more. All should be posted by you more often. This simple method will help you grow SoundCloud followers.

7. Cover Art can attract many


soundcloud cover art

If you can try hands on some brilliant graphic designing app like Canva, or Stencil. A powerful visual can be created for your music, which will get you free SoundCloud Plays. It is also an opportunity to depict the right mood, genre, and feel of the track. SoundCloud gives you many opportunities to improve your presentation and ‘Cover Art’ is one amazing feature of them.

8. Releasing previews creates the ‘buzz’

This is a way to tease your audience, and create ‘hype’ around the track, yet to be released. Before working hard on promoting your track, it is recommended that you release a well-edited ‘preview’. The audience gets intrigued about the song, as it’s an impactful snippet of few seconds of your track. Please note that currently, it is available only for the SoundCloud Premium Partners.

9. Be careful while naming your song

The audience should know what the genre or mood of the song is, so please add the relevant titles to them. For example, if the song you going to release will premiere on SoundCloud, add ‘premier’ to the title. Likewise, if it is a preview, add the same in the name of the song, or if it’s a remix. You need to add details cautiously as they inform and allow listeners to reach to the track.

10. Add all essential & trending tags

The genre, the influencers, the record labels, all relevant tags should be added with the post if you want to address them to a broader audience. You should not miss out any opportunity of promoting your music. This is the most effective feature offered by SoundCloud and all other social networks, that you can leverage your work and reach.

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