The best way to say goodbye is to say goodbye.


Today I finally saw the "Lang Reader" that the teacher has been recommending. It feels like a good conscience program. It can be described as a clear stream in variety shows, and today's theme is farewell. So I want to talk about some of my thoughts here. Looking for farewell gift ideas to say goodbye or be in touch?

To be honest, when I was young, I didn’t feel much about saying goodbye. Maybe I didn’t get the full parental love when I was young. After I grew up, my personal feelings were not very strong, but then I used the readings to make up for it.

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Every encounter is a long-awaited reunion, and every goodbye is never seen again.

When it comes to farewell, there are many people in my mind. I will first talk about my teacher.

Mr Anil Arora, my English teacher. All the English skills I have now will benefit from my teacher. She is my tutor and is the mentor who led me into the new world of English. A rich face always keeps her unique smile. I still remember entering her classroom. The new teaching method made me feel a little difficult. It was her step-by-step guide to me. She led me a little bit so that I finally fully integrated into this class.

She encourages me for every improvement and every failure that I will help me analyze why, because I have learned a more pure accent. The last thing I regret is learning English with my teacher. But after that, she let her younger brother teach because of having children, and at that time I had never been to junior high school. We didn't leave any contact between us, and I heard that she seemed to have left for another place. That's it, there is no connection between us. Such a farewell without personal visit left an indelible mark on my life. Maybe after many years, the teacher will not remember to have this student, but I will not forget her for the rest of my life, and I will not forget the farewell without warning.

There are always people leaving at each stage, and there are always people coming.

One of my unforgettable ones is my friend. She is the majority of my junior high school memories. When I first saw her in military training, a different accent asked where we gathered. At that time, her impression was strange and there was no other word. Later, after she first met her, she was attracted by the attention of everyone with her good grades. As for how we deepen the relationship, I have forgotten it. I only remember that we are very good. I can see both of us when I go to school. I like to chat with her. She is a thoughtful girl, and she has her own unique opinions on every issue. She is a girl who has a vision and knows what she wants and what she wants. She is sometimes very extreme. Her favorite color is black and white. She likes Bodhi in various Buddha languages and often comes to my house on weekends. But then she developed mild depression, and sometimes I was saddened to see her sad. I couldn't help but see her being bound by herself. In the end, she chose to drop out of school for her own reasons. I went to visit her without interruption until she finally lost contact. She used to be my best partner, but now she doesn't have a little bit of news from her. I don't know how she is doing now. The most fearful thing is this feeling of powerlessness, because I know that she has already left the world.

There is a kind of farewell, called screening.

When I was a child, I have fantasized about the scenes of my loved ones. When I think of it, I will burst into tears. I didn’t feel a sense of reality until my uncle died. The most common thing in "Lang Reader" is reading for his loved ones. You will find tears in the eyes of every reader. I think that when they read aloud, they all appear in the minds of their loved ones. The thoughts of their hearts must also be the smiles of their loved ones. Until now, I still occasionally think about the pictures of my loved ones if they passed away. I don’t know if I would cry out at the time, or I would be uncomfortable after the calm and then an extreme heartache. I didn't think that life and death was a big event, nor did I care about my parents' feelings. But now with age, I feel more and more aware of the importance of my parents, and I am increasingly afraid that they will leave me one day. But this is another process that everyone is inevitable. This kind of screening is something that everyone has to experience. I only hope that this day will come later, and later.

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The farewell in life is happening every day, and we seem to have no problem except to accept it. There are thousands of ways to say goodbye, but the best thing is to say goodbye.