Renting a car can be a fun way to explore a new idea. And it works tremendously who prefer to take the route less travelled. Earlier, having your own car was considered the best way to travel but the scenario is now changing rapidly. By the passing of time, renting a car ownership will be benefitted in a vast range.

Facilitation of Car rental platforms have emerged as exciting startup option, and are making their presence felt across the globe. For those who are also planning for lookalike peer-to-peer car rental platform, here is business idea and website features related to the details that you must keep in your mind:

The art of Start

Websites like Ola, Uber, Savaari, Meru, Carzonrent which are an India based companies that offers a platform where people can easily rent their car when it is lying free. The virtual fleets of vehicles are made from the owners taking part in this business and also charge a fee to rent out their vehicle. The ideas also facilitate the accessibility to its renters who can easily access a vehicle and pay only for the time they are using the car. So, these types of businesses provide a platform for car bookings and charge a fixed percentage of the emolument as commission.

renting marketplace car software

Revenue Idea

Following the sources of research and static the following data of generating revenue and which are also responsible for their drastic growth of their peer-to-peer car rental portals has been given below:

On Booking Fee:Website owner can charge a nominal booking fee on every car booking from renter. And this process generates the revenue by putting the fleet out of rent.
On Promotion:For promoting the idea and service which includes banner advertising or Featured Listing for car owners who are willing to pay some extra money. This is also a fundamental way to generate the revenue of the car rental owner.
On Subscription:The subscription to Monthly/yearly to digital products that help owners to manage their instant & secure car sharing (with the features like GPS tracking, tamper detection, & engine lock) through Smartphone’s.

Users in variety

Car renting getaway that has following set of users:

Car Renter:Car Renters are the users who are looking to hire a car on rent. They search for cars as per their requirement and get them on rent after giving mandatory details and making payment.
Car Owner:Car owners are the users who list their cars on websites with its features and cost. When renter books a car, owner is notified with the booking request, and receives the payment as per protocol defined by website admin.
Admin:One who looks after everything, from content management to users and listings management, website administrator and has complete control of the website. The tasks of an admin also include managing bookings and generate reports.

Website Features of Car Rental Forum

When it comes to homepage, it is very important for car rental websites to make quite an impression. The concern of designers and developers is different person to person. Let’s have a look at major site features to understand how the perfect Lookalike top car rental websites should possess important features like:

Homepage must be fantastic. While on landing to the homepage people must understand about the website that is all about and the taglines that should communicate the car renters and the sharer’s massages instantly. The banner that has been used for the website should be a search bar to make it easy to quickly find a car that suits the user’s requirements. Include an option to change the website language so that visitors can easily go through the site in a comfortable language.

The second most important thing is its Dashboard, which must be highly functional. An attractive website demand for a prominent section for receiving “car rentals” requests. And including this the some other things need is embedment of messaging and chat functionality for renters and car owners to discuss additional queries.

Prior to that, we can add referral program into our websites that w already see in some other leading car rental companies websites that includes options to invite people to sign up and earn a fixed rental money. The Referral Program gives users a chance to earn a specific amount for rentals.

Apart from all this the website too consists of the important things like Log In panel, Sign up process to ‘hire a car’, search filter, and most prior is the help center. We know this very well that most of the leading car rentals applications are made to cater smartphone users. And that not only brings all the important website features for users but also packs something new and different. Which must be keep in mind that it is an application that will help the owner to make the task of renting cars convenient to users. And that will left the owner with all the reason to rejoice.

Now, we are done with the most important feature that must be in one’s car rental websites.

Succeed with car rental Gateway

Now, in this article we have discusses about the key things with which, we can succeed in the business of the car rental process. The features that we have discussed about the car rental features above are crucial in nature. And your business needs them all to get your websites design and functionality right.

Focus- and become successful

Carefully verify renters and their license carefully.
Be in touch with the good insurance agency and the thing that will prove better for both renters and Car owners is roadside service provider.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Jaipur

Everyone hates delaying so for this be sure about the booking confirmation otherwise it would not be good thing for the renters.
Make the booking process convenient on both, whether it is online or offline because both are the part of business.
Today availability of application in both mobile and pc/Laptop is a good way to get penetration and get increase in the market.
Top featured car rental ideas of UBER/LYFT and many more like this that will leads you to success

If one is looking for CAB RENTAL Solution and want to grown in that business than going with the flow in this era of You may find charges for a local civic improvement, a juiced-up local sales tax, and other surcharges, completion can prove a great concept. Today there is nothing better than getting access to the best possible taxi service and its enhancing experience, cabs like LYFT, UBER, taxi dispatch software/app that has been technologically enhanced and enrich with easygoing features. This types of car rental services that are using features like tracking and booking the cabs, along with that the features includes especially in concern with the drivers also. Its performs in real time and it has enhanced the whole idea of taking a cab and going to work or any other task.

UBER and LYFT which is a top notch car rental service providing applications that has created a favor among the users of cab services and creating apps like this have its own sets of benefit. People are obsesses with service and its features are on demand and accepted by the mass. One can be more successful if these features can be given high preference. Getting into this business always needs an updates, like:

Easy Registration that enables users to use this app in a comfortable way.
Auto payment feature that must be available which allows users to register their cards and automate their payments.
Google places and maps must be used as an indicator for pickup and drop places.
Cab type must be available with ease that provides details regarding budget, passenger number etc.
Tracking feature must be there so that made things available on real time like one can check who your driver is, where is at present etc. using this app.
Drivers as well as the user must be provided with the option with which they can accept or reject a request sent as well as booking too and that can provide a detailed summery.
Licensed drivers can keep a tab on the number of requests they have accepted and other details related to the service.
GPS is available in the form of voice activated navigation app.
The app also contains analytics features along with stored invoices enabling tracking of payment and other things.

How? DBM helps you!

We offer LYFT/UBER like application development services keeping in mind about your budget price along with this we provide the precise quality which is expected from your end and we fulfill all your requirements and document of the scope of the project. Our Features rich software ensures excellent user interface thereby deriving a tremendous user experience. For this we have dedicated and experienced application developers who can ideate and execute the application as per the requirements of the clients.

Our Cost Estimation for this Model!!

Today more than 8 million people are using UBER and LYFT like applications. Today including India UBER is active in 70 countries. Once the cost for the development is invested log term profit is in your hands. We assure a comfortable price for this universalized car renting software and its execution. Our assurance that considered for development also plays an important role in calculating man-hour and the pricing of the application and that save your time to put this analysis of estimation here for your development.

The estimation is made keeping in mind the Estimated Man Hour, and this includes the all process need to develop any application and software. The estimated man hour includes Development, Graphics Design, QC/ Testing, Project Management. The whole estimation has been categorized according to different types of developments.

Build the next Car rental Application with DBM

The Car Rental Market is worth around $8 billion out of which only 5% is managed by organized sector. This means there is enough space for this business. If you are planning to start Car Rental platform, then you cannot afford to miss out on these features. Make your prospects in your business system brighter by incorporating new factors in your clone. Like comparing the price the prices by various Car Rental and finalize the best deal which suits your budget as well as requirements. This factor will help you to make a comparison from over 550 companies like this and save your 80% of the cost that is incurred by Car Rental Services. Prior to this the users have to give the proper information regarding pick up location, the start date of travel, end date, and country. Then the application will redirect you to the services offered by various car rental companies like Hertz, UBER, LYFT is one of the well-known car rental service companies. Applications of such shall allow the users to quickly access to Roadside Assistance and easily place the booking. And, this application will save clients information and they can make the bookings according to their requirements.

Save big bucks on your next trip

Today the Car Rental industries have made an art of savings adopting some new strategy out of the low-advertised-price scam, by promoting a bargain rate that neglects to mention mandatory extras. Strategies like when someone rent a car at an airport then they may be hit by a truly amazing stack of additional fees.
Besides the rental itself, you could be charged for the airport concession, the rental facility, and even the car rental service reg-istration. One may find the charges for the improvement of local civic, a juiced-up local sales tax, and other surcharges, including one levied on frequent fliers.
This also includes the concession on those who don’t even touch the optional extras: insurance, gasoline, additional driver, child seat, toll transponder, and navigation system.
The cost estimation includes drivers under 25 (or under 21 in some states) may either pay a much higher rate or a daily “underage” surcharge, face a large-dollar that drivers hold on their credit card, or also in case of not able to rent at all. For this a possible solution for the sake of these younger drivers is termed as car-sharing organization.
One can apply these ideas to plan ahead. It can be a routine task, but worth it in the end. Specifically, one may find that the smallest car that they have rented isn’t their best choice. And sometimes the rate for the midsize cars is lower than for a subcompact from the same company and it is likely more comfortable and safer.
When it comes to securing a rental car, comparison plays a vital role, and is the easiest way to go. Travel sites like UBER, LYFT, Hertz a dedicated company are “cheap car rental” that makes your travel worth.
According to the recently checked out prices for renting a Toyota Corolla for five days, spanning a holiday weekend, from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. According to the quotation that Orbitz has ranged is starts from $135 (Alamo) to $240 (Advantage), and that not including those pesky extra fees. With those, the rentals actually ranged from $223 to $341. The median quote, including taxes, was about $285.
Another choice people will see is to pre-pay with their booking or pay the day of pickup. Pre-paying can get a big discount, but before that one must check the cancellation terms and conditions. And then people who want to be able to back out painlessly can change their plans and can find a better deal.

Compare Rental Car Reviews

When traveling, renting a car helps save time, then that must add convenience and saves wear and tear on a personal vehicle. Only Car Rental Services make it possible to travel quickly, without being dependent on taxis or public transportation. When it comes to renting a car, consumers may be tempted to choose the cheapest option without considering anything but price. By thinking about how they’ll be using the vehicle, and about the number of people traveling with them and then that includes any extra features they need, they will be able to rent a car in an affordable and comfortable way. And according to the survey of “TopTenReviews” it has been seen that the Car Rental Services has a very successful future.

The Best Car Rental Service provider that are amusing people with their ride and making life comfortable: Lyft, Hailo, Ola, EasyTaxi, DiDi, Gett, LeCab, Cabify, Bitaksi, goCatch, Ingogo….!!!!




renting marketplace car software

Lyft is one of the biggest car rental services providing company in the United States. And that is covering in more than 60 cities across all of the United States, Lyft is one of the best Apps like Uber to make Car Rental Service easier, better as well as safer. Lyft requires all of its drivers to have a valid driver’s license, DMV checks, Background, and criminal checks for the security purposes. As far as safety is concern Lyft has proven itself in these criteria. Considering the interface of the apps, Lyft feature has is a strikingly interface, which lets customers track their ride and the driver details. According to the study that has been published by the Zebra Magazine, it has been seen that the average waiting time on Lyft is a minuscule 6 seconds only. With all this three variants that Lyft brings as – Lyft, Lyft Plus and Lyft Line, this service allows its users to ride alone as well as in a group of six friends with the Lyft Plus.



renting marketplace car software

UK-based Car Rental Service Hailo is one of the numbers of apps. Hailo is one of the fastest growing Car Rental services in the UK. And it has made booking a cab easy through their service. With CRB checked drivers, Hailo is one of the most reliable Car Rental Service app in the UK and some other countries across the globe. Hailo has introduced a new feature that allows users to book a cab on behalf of others.. Hailo has also recently introduced electronic pay, which allows users to pay the cab fare directly from the app. Hailo for Business purpose and for the businessman as well allows the premiums in order to ride business class.


renting marketplace car software

Ola Cabs is one of the biggest Car Rental Services in India. Having bought Taxi For Sure, one of the other bigger Car renting services in India, Ola Cabs has easily one of the biggest fleet of vehicles and is covering over 80 cities across all of India. Ola Cabs offer one of the lowest fare prices among the different Car Rental Service currently active in India. With verified drivers and cleanliness, safety and comfort audits, Ola Cabs is making its riders more than happy with the services they get. It provides an instant confirmation to their customers booked ride and the app interface indicating the location of their ride, Ola Cabs is one of the most widely used Car Rental Service in India.

Easy Taxi


renting marketplace car software
With getting support of over 30 countries and 420 Cities across the world, Easy Taxi is consider as an another great car renting service provider. With the increasing number of users over 17 million worldwide and a taxi fleet for approximately 400,000 taxi drivers; Easy Taxi is the best as well as easiest way to book one’s next taxi ride. By EasyTaxi the process of Finding and booking of next Taxi ride is made simple with Easy Taxi. Easy Taxi features with a destination fare calculator and also the estimated arrival time of its driver. Service that Easy Taxi screens and their training that they give their drivers to provide their users with the best service in a best possible manner. Easy Taxi app is integrated with the Facebook applications that make it easy to redeem coupons and vouchers that people enjoy to have their rides. Having won multiple awards for being one of the safest and reliable taxi-hailing applications, Easy Taxi makes a great case for an amazing Uber alternative.


Didi Dache

renting marketplace car software

One of the best car renting service provider is make a giant waves in the technology industry of China is the Didi Dache, Car Rental service providing company. With over 100 million registered users, Didi Dache is covering more than 300 cities across China. It merger with one of their biggest competitor, Kuaidi Dache, made Didi Dache expand even further across China. Didi Dache records as high as 3 million rides on any given day. Although Didi Dache is priced a bit higher as compared to other same service provider, it is one of the most efficient and reliable cab-hailing service that has been offered in China. With over 1.5 million registered Taxi drivers and Didi Dache is the to-go service for taxi-hailing in China.


renting marketplace car software

Gett, which is formerly known as Get Taxi is one of the fastest growing cab-hailing services in the United States. Gett is going the other way to chime in new customers to their service. Gett that has recently reduced their pricing by 25 percent on rides booked in NYC. Gett also offered promotional offers like $10 rides anywhere below the 110th street in Manhattan and a flat fare of $10 in Midtown and that made Gett one of the most-liked cab-hailing services offered in NYC. Operating internationally in cities like London, Moscow, Tel Aviv, and NYC was the first place of operations of Gett in the United States. Addition with the features like estimated arrival time and driver information made available, TLC licensed and tested drivers, and cashless payment, all this made Gett everything right it’s ride-hailing.



renting marketplace car software

Paris which is known as the one of the most beautiful cities in the world and their the car rental service providing company, LeCab wants to make the most of the situation and take over the Car Rental Service market in France’s capital city. With over 70,000 active users and an increasing number of the vehicle fleet, LeCab is fast rising as the best Car Rental Service app in France. To go a little bit further than Uber-like applications, that also allows users to rent private jets to take a tour of Paris! with PrivateFly for Partnering, LeCab allows users to fly to their destination. LeCab makes use of the standard Peugeot 508, Made in France vehicles as their fleet of cabs to transport customers across the city. Book your ride in one click.


renting marketplace car software

Cabify allows users to book a ride instantly through their Android or iOS applications in two clicks. Cabify features includes a fixed and transparent rate system, which makes sure that users are not price gauged. Cabify for Business and Events purpose has also been devised to make it easy for people to book their trips well advance in time. For Corporate traveling Cabify provides their customers with an invoice, an account manager, lower rates, multiple account support and many other such cool features. Cabify also allows its service to its users to book a cab for someone else. Booking in advance, safety and real-time tracking of ride, estimated pricing, ride fare calculator, and a wide choice of payment methods are some of the key feature that is possessed by the Cabify, and is proving and making itself one of the best car renting service in many cities across the world.


renting marketplace car software

Bitaksi, a most famous car rental service provider in Istanbul. With over 200,000 registered users and over 34,000 taxi drivers, Bitaksi offers the best taxi-hailing service in Istanbul. This is one of the few taxi-hailing services to have introduced in-app credit card payment system. Bitaksi brings cashless payment to Istanbul along with that it also provides other key facts about its service like the current traffic en route, to improve efficiency and service reliability. Bitaksi also provides real-time information and tracking feature to track the location of your ride. All of its drivers are licensed-checked and driver ratings that are provided to the customers to make the service more and more reliable and accountable.


renting marketplace car software

GoCatch is known as Australia’s premium car rental providing Service Company. GoCatch features with the largest fleet of registered taxi drivers with metered cars in Australia. The biggest advantage of this service its charges that are 5% surcharge if paid by a credit card in comparison to the standard 10% surcharge for payment via credit card across Australia. It also allows to its users to provide a pre-ride upfront tip and bookings in advance. GoCatch lets its users to track their ride and also get the contact information of the driver assigned for their ride. Prior to that a photo-ID and ABN check across all of their licensed drivers make goCatch one of the most reliable and safe taxi-hailing services offered in Australia. It also has a feature for Business users that provides them with business accounts providing centralized accounts and business credit card system. With over 30,000 taxis and over 300,000 registered users, goCatch features with 40% of the taxi-tech industry of Australia.


renting marketplace car software
Ingogo is also one of the popular taxi-hailing app in Australia along with goCatch. Ingogo allows users to pre-book a ride up to 48 hours in advance and users can live-track their ride using the mobile applications. A fixed rate system and cashless payment methods that make Ingogo another one of the most popular car rental service providing company in Australia. A $10 credit guarantee is provided if the driver does not show up for whatever reason.

Ingogo for Business purpose allows corporate to manage their transportation needs efficiently and save costs. A centralized reporting dashboard allows corporate to keep track of all the billing and reporting related to the transportation of their executives. And a management of Expense tools for business users makes paper receipts obsolete.

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