Bloqchain Science

The Chain of Trust. With headquarters in New York and remote office in Singapore, our blockchain expert team, builds secure decentralized systems within any enterprise using blockchain-based ledgers, identity solutions, Tokenization of Things (ToI), and smart contracts development and audit. We are blockchain agnostic so we can apply earth logic on Ethereum, NEO, Lisk, Cardano, Augur. Cryptocurrency technology helps create decentralized apps that work on a distributed database, allowing your business to be highly mobile and secure.

Our AuditScience services secures ICO funds while brings confidence to investors & exchanges. Never forget: 10% of ICO Money have been hacked or Stolen. Investment funds only consider token offerings if the smart contracts have been audited by a blockchain known authority.

DLT Capital

DLT Capital is an international blockchain and ICO consultancy. The multi-skilled team is composed of industry specialists with vast knowledge in ICOs, traditional finance, blockchain programming, VC, Fintech and other related fields.

Our consultants and advisors are well-connected amongst investors, technical hubs and blockchain players internationally and see a local stronghold in Europe and Asia, where DLT Capital is positioned directly. We work closely together with a large number of institutions, business partners and research centers to provide ideal services to our clients.

List Your ICO

List Your ICO is your first step on the way to success: we get your ICO startup onto 100+ ICO lists, so you can focus on other important things to get your project rolling.
Do you feel overwhelmed finding good ICO listing sites and then filling out one form after another to get listed? Marketing efforts can easily occupy all of your time and make your ICO project stall while you are trying to spread the word about it. Here are some good reasons to work with List Your ICO to get your startup to take off in style:
- Save time: we locate good ICO listings, get your project included and monitor the status for you
- Reach your target audience: ICO listings get seen by people who are actually interested, so you get the reach you want faster
- Create buzz: having your ICO on so many listing sites makes it look more legitimate and popular. You get greater reputation without much effort.

MyICO Agency

MyICO Agency is the most fast growing ICO Agency in Europe with over 40 Team members, based in Germany and our goal is to be the biggest ICO Agency in the whole World.

Since 2017, our clients have already raised over 250 Million Dollars through over services and this is only the beginning. We offer you an A-Z full package of services, to start your ICO and make it THE NEXT BIG THING, but you can also choose only your “package” separately, with individual needs.


An agency that provides technical, analytical and marketing set of services to projects that are willing to conduct an ICO.


We have experienced ICO marketing agency that puts our clients first, leading with exceptional ideas and closely collaborating to understand and find the best marketing solutions for your ICO.

We know that your business is your treasure and only the best is good enough when it comes to publicity. With our marketing funnels, no goal is too ambitious. We build cost-effective marketing funnels with the help of SEO that can be automated.

We have ready to go emailing list with thousands of cryptocurrency users and potential investors. We also are experts at converting your site visitors into investors using carefully crafted email campaigns. They are just so hard to resist.

We have gained many long-lasting partnerships with cryptocurrency world social influencers, that are ready to promote new ideas and opportunities. We also have developed the strategy on getting new social influencers specially for your project needs


Tokedo’s vision is to make cryptocurrencies and tokenization easily accessible to every small and medium company worldwide, no matter their size or technical background. Small and medium-sized enterprises—not major corporations—are the true backbone of every national economy and they create the majority of jobs. Unfortunately, they don’t benefit from technology as much as they should. They tend to be more traditional minded and are lacking sufficient resources to foster innovation. Moving these companies to a tokenized economy represents a gigantic leap for the Blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, respectively. In the next five years, a handful of companies will have a major impact on making cryptocurrency mainstream. Tokedo has the right model, the right team, and the right technology to be one of them.

ICO Consulting Asia

Located in Thailand, Bangkok we provide high quality ICO consultation services to help make your ICO a success. We supply a unique blend of technology, marketing and legal to help any sized company successfully execute an initial coin offering.