What is Node.js?
Node.js can be defined as a dynamic, cross-platform and open-source JavaScript framework or runtime environment that is built on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. Node.js, developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009, was initially implemented as a client-side scripting language. Nowadays, it is used to execute JavaScript code and scripts that run server-side to create dynamic web pages. The latest version of Node.js is 10.10.0.

Node.js Features and Benefits
Most web developers implement Node.js due to its amazing and powerful features. Some of the features of Node.js are:

Faster code execution
Highly scalable
Non-blocking APIs
No buffering
With such wonderful features, Node.js is widely used for creating server-side and networking applications. The following are the key areas where Node.js is widely used:

I/O-bound applications
Data streaming applications
Data-intensive real-time applications (DIRT)
JSON API-based applications
Single-page applications
There are many companies currently using Node.js such as eBay, General Electric, GoDaddy, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, Wikipins, Yahoo!, IBM, Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix and many others.

Top 30 Node.js Tutorials
If you want to learn and explore the depth of Node.js, then this article is meant for you. We will introduce you to some common and popular online tutorials that will guide you through Node.js. So, let’s begin this journey of exploring how to learn Node.js.

Tutorials Teacher
RisingStack: Advanced Node.js tutorial
Tutorials Point
Mozilla: MDN web docs
Code for Geek
Mosh: Coding Made Simple
Stack Abuse
The Node Beginner Book
JavaScript Is Sexy
Learn Node.js
1. Guru99


Source: https://www.guru99.com/node-js-tutorial.html

Whenever we talk about creating server-based applications, the Node.js framework comes into the picture. Guru99 provides a free online tutorial suitable for all skill levels. It also enables you to check the entire syllabus of the tutorial. Each topic is well-explained with the help of examples.

This tutorial introduces you to the different aspects of Node.js including modules, Express, promises, and MongoDB.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Download & Install: Step by Step Guide
Modules: Create, Publish, Extend & Manage
Generators & Compare with Callbacks
2. CodeBurst


Source: https://codeburst.io/25-node-js-tutorials-1db3b1da0260

Codeburst offers 25 free online tutorials to learn and explore the depth of Node.js framework. These tutorials are best-suited to all learners whether new to Node.js or an experienced developer. You can easily learn Node.js with the help of these tutorials. These tutorials are designed and brought to you by Brandon Morelli.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Learn and understand
Creating applications
3. Tutorials Teacher


Source: http://www.tutorialsteacher.com/nodejs/nodejs-tutorials

This tutorial will help you to learn all the basic and advanced concepts of the Node.js framework. The complete course is divided into different sections, where each section covers a specific topic and is explained with the help of real-world examples, useful tips, and information.

In case, you want to test your coding skills in Node.js, then you can do that too. This tutorial consists of a builtin Node.js test, which helps you to understand the practical implementation of the concepts.


Before getting started with Node.js, you are required to have some introductory knowledge of languages like HTML and JavaScript.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

File system
4. RisingStack: Advanced Node.js tutorial


Source: https://blog.risingstack.com/tag/node-hero-getting-started-with-node-js/

RisingStack provides full support to learn the Node.js framework. It has a good collection of Node.js articles. Based on your understanding, you can choose to begin with either the beginner or advanced tutorial.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Getting started
Core modules
5. JavaTpoint


Source: https://www.javatpoint.com/nodejs-tutorial

This tutorial is designed by JavaTpoint especially for beginner programmers. You can learn all the concepts of JavaTpoint including Node.js installation, advanced concepts, and Node.js interview questions.

You must have some prior experience working with HTML and JavaScript before getting started with Node.js.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

6. Sitepoint


Source: https://learnnode.com/

Sitepoint is a hub for emerging and experienced developers from across the world to learn and look into Node.js. Here you can learn how to create applications with the help of Node.js, including other languages as well.

It offers access to books and video tutorials as well. You can also purchase the entire course along with the study material, if required. Apart from Node.js, this website also provides a tutorial about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and many others.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

What is Node and when should you use it
A beginner splurge
How to use SSL/TLS
How to build a web server
7. W3schools.com

What is NodeJS?

Source: https://www.w3schools.com/nodejs/nodejs_intro.asp

Those who want to become expert in this programming language can join here to make their dreams come true. W3schools.com is a well-known platform to learn the Node.js framework. It is a free online tutorial so you can freely access any specific topic related to the Node.js framework through these tutorials.

In addition to this, you can also learn some other programming languages on this website such as Java, Python, JavaScript and many others.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

File system module
New call-to-action
8. Tutorials Point


Source: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/nodejs/nodejs_introduction.htm

Like other online tutorials, Tutorials Point offers free courses to learn different programming languages and several other platforms. You can also learn about run-time environments such as Node.js. Node.js is a powerful framework based on JavaScript language.

Tutorials point provides a step-by-step guide for all skill levels including novice, intermediate and advanced developers. After finishing this tutorial, you will be able to create applications on your own.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

HTTP module
URL module
9. Lynda.com


Source: https://www.lynda.com/Node-js-training-tutorials/1283-0.html

If you are searching for a place where you can start your journey of becoming an expert in Node.js, then Lynda.com is one of the best places for you. It offers premium tutorial courses to learn Node.js. You have to sign up under Lynda.com to get full access to course content.

Lynda.com provides a one-month free trial to its users during sign-up process.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Essential training
API design
Real-time web with socket.io

10. Codeship


Source: https://blog.codeship.com/node-js-tutorial/

It is one of the simplest Node.js tutorials that explains Node.js in detail. It also teaches you how to download and install Node.js on your local machine. Unlike other online tutorials, which cover only particular cases or topics, Codeship introduces you to all the concepts. After finishing all the concepts, you can easily build your own application in Node.js.

Apart from tutorials, it also provides free access to plenty of e-books. These e-books are available to download free.


Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

File I/O
Asynchronous callbacks
Create an HTTP server
11. Udemy


Source: https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-nodejs-developer-course-2/

Udemy offers you a complete Node.js developer course to become an expert and gain more knowledge. You can learn Node.js in a very short period of time through this platform. Here you will learn to build, test and launch applications based on Node.js.

It has organized the entire curriculum into 135 lecture videos that cover almost 27 hours of learning. You will also get a certificate after completing the course.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Web servers and application deployment
Security and authentication
12. Mozilla: MDN web docs


Source: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Server-side/Express_Nodejs/Introduction

This tutorial will teach you about the Express web framework that is written in JavaScript and hosted by the Node.js run-time environment. Here, you can learn about all the advanced concepts.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Express web framework overview
Express/Node introduction
Setting up a Node development environment
13. Code for Geek


Source: https://codeforgeek.com/category/nodejs/

This online learning platform is created by Shahid Shaikh, who is a software engineer by profession. This tutorial offers free access to several useful blogs that cover a specific topic of Node.js. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced programmers.

Under this platform, you can learn from basic to advanced concepts very easily.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Authentication using JWT and refresh token
Compress HTTP request and response
How to set up Nginx to serve static files
14. Airpair

Source: https://www.airpair.com/javascript/node-js-tutorial

If you want to begin from scratch and want someone to guide you through the entire journey of Node.js, then Airpair is the most-suited platform for you. This is a comprehensive and step-by-step guide to learn Node.js.

It introduces you to all the topics including basic and advanced levels. This tutorial is brought to you by Alexandru Vladutu.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Installing Node.js and NPM
Error handling
15. Ilovecoding


Source: https://ilovecoding.org/courses/nodejs

This is a free online platform that covers the full curriculum of Node.js. You will get full access to plenty of content that guides you through the entire course tutorial. This platform teaches you the key concepts that have played a major role in the success of Node.js.

You will learn to create applications, a simple HTTP server, web scraper and many more during this journey of Node.js. There are total 10 lessons in this tutorial that are explained with the help of suitable examples and code snippets.


Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Node Package Manager (NPM)
16. Nodetuts


Source: http://nodetuts.com/


Are you fed up with the traditional methods of learning? If yes, then, we will introduce you to a new interactive platform, where you will not get bored while studying. Nodetuts provides video tutorials to learn Node.js. It provides tutorials in a much interactive way as compared to other resources.

It provides you access to several books like Database and Networking Patterns.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Asynchronous programming
HTTP API servers
TCP servers
17. CodeSchool


Source: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/code-school-real-time-web-with-nodejs

This tutorial is created by Greg Pollack and Carlos Souza under pluralsight.com. CodeSchool provides courses to learn Node.js. Here you can learn how to work with the Node.js framework and to develop server-side code (or write programs).

Why NodeJS

You will be able to create applications with the help of this tutorial. CodeSchool also offers some other tutorials as well like, jQuery, Angular, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

18. NodeSchool


Source: https://nodeschool.io/?utm_campaign=free-traffic&utm_source=solutions-softonic-com&utm_medium=referral

NodeSchool offers free online tutorials, workshops, seminars, and classes that are very useful for beginners as well as advanced programmers. These classes cover all the concepts including basic and advanced, which further helps in learning Node.js and other skills as well.

It offers free workshops which emphasis on developing new skills to train learners and aspirants. The classes are available in several languages including English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and many others.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

How to create and use NPM
How to compose streaming interfaces
How to start using Markdown
19. GangBoard


Source: https://www.gangboard.com/app-programming-scripting-training/nodejs-training

Gangboard provides online training for more than 200 courses. It offers courses suitable for new aspirants as well as experienced folks. You can easily learn Node.js with the help of this online platform.

It is a paid platform that offers one-to-one and classroom options. You can choose any of them as per your feasibility. Apart from Node.js, you can also learn about big data, AWS, web design, Java and many others.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Control structures: logical expressions
User-defined functions
20. Mosh: Coding Made Simple


Source: https://codewithmosh.com/p/the-complete-node-js-course

Mosh provides a complete tutorial about Node.js. It offers video classes to teach how to work with Node.js. It focuses more on providing practical rather than theoretical knowledge. It offers 15 hours and 220 lessons in order to learn Node.js.

You are required to enroll in Mosh to continue course tutorial. However, you will get a free trial video.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Module system
Node Package Manager
Implementing CRUD operations
Handling logging errors
21. Stack Abuse


Source: https://stackabuse.com/learn-node-js-a-beginners-guide/

Stack Abuse is a step-by-step guide made for beginners, where you can be easily introduced with Node.js. It begins with the basics so that one can easily understand what Node.js is. The concepts are well-explained with the help of suitable examples and code snippets.

It is an open source tutorial, which means that you can freely access this resource and there is no need to sign up or enroll. You can also learn about Python and other tools as well.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

What is Node.js?
Your first package
22. GeeksForGeeks


Source: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/tag/node-js/

This tutorial provides useful content about several concepts of Node.js. It has a very good collection of programming and interview questions. You can find appropriate solutions to such questions. This platform will help you to clear all your doubts regarding Node.js.

You can choose concepts and questions as per your skill level, i.e. basic, easy, medium, hard, or expert. It also teaches other languages as well such as Java, Python, SQL etc.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

MVC architecture
23. Coursera


Source: https://www.coursera.org/learn/server-side-nodejs

This online tutorial is suitable for those who have prior basic knowledge of web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This course is specially designed to deal with server-side related concepts in Node.js.

It starts with some basic concepts like HTTP and HTTPs. Later, you will come to know about Express for creating web servers. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to design a backend server with Node.js.

You will be provided with a 7-day free trial during the signup process. During this trial period, you will have full access to course content and video tutorials. However, you can purchase this course if you want to earn a completion certificate.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Intro to server-side development
Backend as a Service (BaaS)
Data storage with MongoDB

24. The Node Beginner Book


Source: https://www.nodebeginner.org/

This is an online free Node.js beginner tutorial book, provided by Manuel Kiessling. The main objective of this book is to introduce you to the world of Node.js and assist you in creating an application in Node.js. The concepts are explained with the help of code examples.

In order to begin your journey with Node.js, you are required to have prior knowledge of basic concepts like data types, variables, and control structures.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

JavaScript and Node.js
Web applications
A basic HTTP server
25. edX


Source: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-nodejs-0

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Node.js to create an application, interact with the database, and many other things. It provides high-quality tutorial classes to teach Node.js and its related concepts. It is one of the best online platforms to start with Node.js.

It has divided the entire course module into 5 modules, where each module covers a specific topic.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Setting up a project and importing modules using NPM
Using an Express framework to set up a web server
26. Toptal


Source: https://www.toptal.com/nodejs/why-the-hell-would-i-use-node-js

Toptal provides an easy-to-learn and simple online platform that helps aspirants learn Node.js. It starts from scratch to advanced levels. Hence it is widely popular among all the existing online resources.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Node Package manager
Data streaming
New call-to-action
27. JavaScript Is Sexy


Source: http://javascriptissexy.com/learn-node-js-completely-and-with-confidence/

This is a very helpful blog with a free tutorial to learn the Node.js framework. It is created by Richard Bovell, who is a founder of AI humanity and Bov academy. It provides you free access to a high–quality course content.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Control structures
28. LiveEdu.tv


Source: https://www.liveedu.tv/guides/x/node-js/

This tutorial provides courses ideal for all skill levels including beginners, intermediate, and experienced programmers. If you are looking for a simple platform to get started with Node.js, then this resource is perfect for you. It lists all the concepts of Node.js along with the skill levels. It offers video tutorials to teach you about the Node.js. Here, you will learn to create real-time working applications.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

How to create projects
How to create a dating web app
29. Learn Node.js


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8ry4Q8KeLo

This tutorial video is created by Suppoman. It teaches you how to work with the Node.js framework. It has videos that are very easy to understand, suitable for everyone from freshers and intermediates to expert professionals.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

How to build a website
30. ChalkStreet


This video tutorial is specially designed for beginners who want to start their journey of coding in Node.js. It starts from scratch, and hence it is ideal for all skill levels. It is a paid video tutorial.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

Getting started
Variables and functions
Building a command-line application
If you want to learn additional languages, browse through our tutorials that cover the most popular programming languages.

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