On timetable as usual, iFixit has reported teardowns of the new Mac smaller than usual and MacBook Air and given them each a repairability score. The Mac small scale is an enhancement over the 2014 model in a couple of ways. The MacBook Air has some positive focuses for client functionality, yet it requires a huge teardown to do much. 

Beginning with the Mac smaller than usual, iFixit discovered that in the wake of opening the walled in area, you simply need to unscrew and evacuate the fan to get inside. The rationale board can be expelled without exceptional apparatuses. In contrast to the 2014 Mac smaller than expected's RAM, the RAM in this model can be supplanted. It's secured by a metal pen, yet once you unscrew and evacuate that, it's simple. The power supply can likewise be expelled and supplanted, however you'll need to utilize an instrument for it. On the negative side, the CPU can't be supplanted, and harm to any of the ports would require a rationale board substitution. 

Proceeding onward to the MacBook Air, iFixit discovered that it's less demanding to get into than some past Mac workstations. When you're in, the rationale board can be evacuated just by unscrewing a few screws and unplugging a few links. Sadly, you need to do this to supplant the battery. Further, the RAM isn't replaceable, and the console is incorporated with the case, so noteworthy work is required to benefit it. 

iFixit gave the Mac smaller than expected a six out of 10 for repairability and the MacBook Air a three out of 10. For more points of interest, visit the teardown pages for every item.

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