Have your first run at Go with the IBM Watson GO SDK , a wrapper for the IBM Watson APIs. The SDK incorporates prepared to utilize information structures and deals with all the fundamental HTTP asks for including verification. Utilizing this SDK, engineers can now effortlessly coordinate Watson administrations into their applications. 

Instructions to introduce 

Utilize the GO direction on the terminal. 

go get - u github.com/watson-engineer cloud/go-sdk/... 

This will get the bundles sub-bundles and conditions. 

Instructions to Use 

To start with, arrangement a Watson benefit by following the means here. When you arrangement an administration, you will get accreditations which you would use in the accompanying general advances. 

Presently, pursue the underneath general strides in your code: 

1. Import the administration bundle 

2. Instantiate the Watson benefit utilizing the API key got above 

3. Summon the API endpoint utilizing the administration occasion. For a fruitful reaction, it will contain the HTTP status code, reaction headers and API result 

4. Handle reactions and mistakes 

bundle principle 

import ( 

"github.com/watson-engineer cloud/go-sdk/assistantv1" 

"github.com/watson-engineer cloud/go-sdk/center" 

func principle() { 

/Instantiate the Watson Assistant administration 

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benefit, serviceErr := assistantv1.NewAssistantV1(&assistantv1.AssistantV1Options{ 


Adaptation: "2018-07-10", 



/Check fruitful instantiation 

in the event that serviceErr != nil { 


/Invoke the API endpoint 

reaction, responseErr := service.ListWorkspaces( 


/Check fruitful call 

in the event that responseErr != nil { 


/Print the outcome 

core.PrettyPrint(response.GetResult(), "Workspaces") 

Prepared, Set, GO 

Simply ahead and investigate the different abilities of IBM Watson administrations with GO?—?from rapidly constructing a basic chatbot to labeling and ordering visual substance to opening concealed an incentive in information to discover answers and surface examples. 

There are additionally a group of precedents for different administrations to enable you to begin. Play with the GO SDK and told us what you think.

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