The concept of blogging on social media is considered as one of the major forms of communication. The use of the blog for various tasks and occasions has been trending for more than half a decade. Therefore, it is important for us to keep a close account of all the ‘dos’ that are necessary for our basic understanding of it. This article covers all the basic tricks required for us to know how to pitch your blog perfectly. Following are the five go to rules which we must definitely know before writing and presenting your pitch.


  1. The use of Grammar, vocabulary and spellings check: the gist of a perfect pitch is hidden in these little but very important tools. As far as grammar is concerned, we need to be right. There is no point in sending your pitch which has many faults. It would be futile and all our time and efforts would be wasted if we are not able to convey to our readers what exactly we want to say. Then the use of vocabulary is very important. If we have a vast knowledge of words, we are in for a treat. Lastly, we need to check our pitch a couple of times or even more, so as to be sure that we do not make any spellings mistake. These are few basic tips that can help you climb the first step on your ladder to a perfect pitch.


  1. To the point talk and openness: It is very crucial to state your thoughts in a perfect manner. If you want your reader to like and share your blog, you need to be to the point in your writings. There is no need to beat the bush and make grandiloquent speeches about the same idea over and over again. Try to put your notions in a straight forward manner. Also, we should act in an open manner while writing our blog i.e., with one pitch we should provide various other ideas in front of our readers. Try and hit two or more birds with a single stone. (This ‘stone-bird’ reference of hitting birds with stone is a metaphor; we are in support of wildlife protection.)


  1. Miscellaneous effects: Nowadays, technology is at peak. Try to use it in your favor. Use tools like images and other stuff to make your pitch and blog attractive. There are more chances that more people would see images related to their needs and are then intrigued about reading such an article. Therefore, it is wise to learn more tips and tricks and use information and technology to the most.


  1. Patience is the key: The main thing about being a good blogger or any other professional is patience. It is important to patiently revise your article again before sending it to an editor. It is rational that an editor may have received many pitches for some blog and you haven’t heard from him/her in a couple of days. The advice is that you wait for a week before emailing him about the same. Also, take opinions as a productive form of critical assessment. We are not perfect in many things that we do the first time but we should patiently learn from such instances and keep on climbing till we reach the level of perfection. Alternatively, we can also take help from third parties like degions.


  1. Conclusion: While summing up, we can say that try to be the combination of both casual and professional in your work. At first introduce yourself to the editor. Try and create a rapport with them. Take interest in what they say and at the same time mention them how this article would benefit their readers in many ways. The world is changing and while presenting your pitch the thing is to interact with your editor in a casual and friendly manner. Also, do not be too casual and cross the line. Have respect for both your editor and audience. As the first is lending you space as a guest on his platform and the latter is enjoying and sharing your work as a reader. Finally, best of luck for your pitch, we hope you get a chance to express your ideas as a guest blogger!

Therefore, these are the tips and tricks which are basic yet necessary to practice and apply again and again in order to write a picture-perfect pitch for a guest blog.