In mid-2016, police officials in several countries had a new problem in their hands. It was serious enough for them to issue public appeals to citizens. They were worried that players of the viral game “Pokémon Go” would be less careful about surrounding since they were immersed in their smartphone screen. This heightened the risk of injuries and accidents.

Police officials in several states in the USA had issued public warnings, besides, the UK police officials also had to warn citizens. Let’s see the other side of the world. Singapore police had concerns about the game, furthermore, Queensland police appealed to Australian citizens to remain vigilant.

Two years down the road and Pokémon Go remains the most popular mobile app. Read this Statista report to see how it had the highest revenue in July 2018. This ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR)-based mobile game, published by Niantic, demonstrates the massive market for AR mobile games.

You can also launch a game like that, therefore, capture a share of this growing market. In this article, I will explain how to make a game like Pokémon Go. Let’s go over the key features first.

Top trends in Mobile games development in 2018