Hello friends Welcome. Today we will tell you how to do On Page SEO and you will also know about Off Page SEO in this post, we will tell you why SEO is important for our website and Blogger.

In this post we will give you information about SEO which is very important to you.

If you want to increase visitors to your website, then you have to read our post Know SEO Tricks from the beginning to the end.

Creating a website does not mean that Visitors will automatically visit your website, for that you have to do SEO on your website.

If you want to know On Page SEO, In this post we will give you complete information about this in simple language, so let's know about SEO.

If we speak in simple language, SEO work is to increase the traffic on the website or the blog. Earlier there were very few websites on the internet but now everybody in the world uses the internet, due to this you will see many websites on the internet, all of them In the website, Search Engine only shows the website on the first page, whose posts are Search Engine Friendly, therefore SEO has to be done to show your website at the top or to show in the first 2 pages.

Web development and blogging is now a great career option for all of us. We can do this part time or full time and earn a handsome amount of money. There are many Online Jobs for Students in 2019. SEO is also one of them.


Launching it after creating the Website does not mean Visitor will appear on your site. Visitors will come only when your Site will appear on the first or second page of the search engine only if it is your Search Engine Optimize.

Google and other search engines have created rules that based on the rules you will call SEO (Search Engine Optimize), through these rules, you can increase traffic on your site.

The search engine used in most of all Search Engines is Google because Google sees all the information well in the search engine, Google indexes all content, as soon as a user searches any content on Google, Google Shows content based on keywords.

How To Learn SEO

If your blog or website is new, then you must first submit it to all search engines like Google, Yahoo Etc.

  1. You must select the right keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimize).
  2. Use Keyword in your website and blog.
  3. Your Domain Long Term Purchases
  4. Sitemap your Website's Sitemap submit to Google Sitemap.Xml contains all the information from our site.
  5. Use useful content on Blog, which will increase the Returning Visitor on your Site.
  6. Insert Regular Content on Blog and Blog Content, Enter Long posts.
  7. Enter Blog's Title and Description Attractive and Impressive.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO means that you post inside blog like - Title, Description, Permalink, Image, Label etc., all this to show your Website Blog on First Page, or to increase Blog's Ranking on Google Search. For On Page SEO, we have to work on the site so that it shows Show on First Ranking.

How to do On Page SEO?

How to make On Page SEO:

  1. By using keywords in the title.
  2. Using the Keyword in the Paragraph before posting it.
  3. Use the Keyword in Permalink (Post URL).
  4. Using Keyword in Alt Tag of Image
  5. Using the Keyword in H2 and H3 Heading
  6. Interlink Related Articles in Blog
  7. Post description written in at least 700 words.
  8. Please see Optimize before uploading the image.
  9. Increase the loading speed of the website.
  10. Description related to Title..

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO Optimization is a process of SEO, which allows us to bring our site into Search to do something other than our site, which increases the ranking of our site and it appears at the top.

What we do to improve our site is called Off Page SEO, Off Page SEO means that it is not related to your blog but related to another blog, to increase traffic of Blog and to rank keywords Off Page SEO is very helpful.

A Complete Guide to Use Ahrefs

After completing On Page SEO, the next job is to Off Page SEO, its work is from Link Building, Off Page SEO means that you do something else to increase the ranking of your site So that the rank of your site increases.

Now we know about Off Page SEO in a wider way. Now, we can increase Google Ranking by following which Off Page SEO, so let's know.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Now we are going to tell you through which techniques you can make your blogs more Impressive and Beneficial, so that you have to follow some steps to get more users to visit your blogs.

  1. Use of Social Networking Site in Off Page SEO is increasing daily.
  2. You can also increase Traffic by using Search Engine Submission to make your blog popular.
  3. You can also increase Ranking by using Forum Posting.
  4. Whenever you post New Article Post on Blog, then publish that Article on Famous Article.
  5. With Blog Comment, you can also increase Traffic on your site.
  6. One great way to increase traffic on the site is also to increase Traffic by link Add below the Description of a video on Youtube Channel.
  7. Posting a post for a blog means posting it on the Guest Post but remember that its rank is good.
  8. You can also increase traffic on your website or blog by adding images to the Photo Sharing website.


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