3 Steps to Success
Step 1. Never lose.

I’m sure you’re thinking “well, duh!” But it really is just that simple. There are 2 ways to lose:

Admitting defeat, and
Getting your ass beaten dead to rights.
If you’re playing the right game then getting your ass kicked isn’t an option, and if you can keep your mouth shut and confidence level high, admitting defeat isn’t a problem either. How do I make sure I’m playing the right game?
Focus on things you’re good at!

Step 2. Choose your battles.

If you think it’s out of your reach, then you aren’t trying hard enough! But the moment you take ownership of the situation, you’ve got it in the bag. If you know you’ll win, then you will.

Don’t take on a challenger too big or too small. How do I know when the size is right? Each time you win, go for bigger prey the next time. You’ll naturally move up the ladder.

Step 3. Always be learning.

Even if you get your ass beaten, as long as you’ve learned something, you’ve still won. Learn to love making mistakes, just don’t make the same one twice. Never stop learning.

You can’t lose if you know you’re going to win. If you suck at Scrabble, play Monopoly. And improve your Monopoly strategy each time you play. Stick to what you know. Work hard. Learn something.

Never. Give. Up.

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