Best Instagram Marketing Tools You Should Use Everyday

Instagram has proven to be the best marketing platform for your business having 1 billion active users. Instagram engagement rate is around 85 times higher than Twitter, 12 times higher than Facebook, 55 times higher than Pinterest. Want your Instagram marketing to grow fast? Then instead of free tools, invest some money for the paid tools to help you grow your business quickly without any difficulties. If you want to become Instagram famous then without wasting any time, start using these tools to take your business to the next level. In this article, we would be discussing some of the best Instagram marketing tools essential for your business.

Why tools are important for your business?

While running a business on social media platform such as Instagram, business owners don’t have enough time to manage their business accounts on the social media platforms as they have to run their firm and manage the responsibilities including dealing with customers, clients, and employees, etc. That’s why they usually prefer buying these paid tools which would do the work they want for their business. Numerous are the advantages of using these tools which we would be discussing in this article.

Best Instagram Marketing tools 2019:

  • Canva for Designing purpose
  • Likegrowers for Instagram Marketing
  • Hootsuite for Instagram Management

Canva Photo Designing tool (Free):

Canva is the best ever photo editing tool to help you design beautiful and attractive images for your Instagram posts. Canva comes with great additional features such as to create Ads, promotions, and offers for Instagram. Being a graphic designer, you can easily design your pictures but if you aren’t a graphic designer and don’t know anything about designing, Canva is still there to help you by their ready-made templates which would let you design your posts easily by doing some slight changes in the template. Using Canva you can easily add filters, text, backgrounds, infographics, etc.

Main Features:

Photo straightener tool: Canva offers a Picture straightened built-in tool which helps you to align your pictures.

Add text to images: You can add text to your pictures with custom fonts, styles, and colors through this amazing feature of Canva.

Cropping tool: You’re probably familiar with this cropping tool as many people use this tool for cropping their pictures. Canva also offers this tool to let your crop your images according to your needs.

Collage Maker: Design beautiful grids and collages using collage maker tool.

Speech bubble tool: If you want to give your pictures a voice, you can use the speech bubble tool which is an amazing feature of Canva.

Loyalty Free templates: Canva offers us to use ready-made templates for free.

Loyalty Free icons: You can use free icons in your pictures using Canva.

Note: Canva is a free tool to design anything however, there are some templates and icons which are paid.

Likesgainer Instagram Marketing Tool (Paid)

One of the best and the most powerful auto Liker tool in the market is the likesgainer which promise to help your business grow rapidly. Likesgainer lets you like pictures based on hashtags, locations, and usernames. Likesgainer only focuses on organic growth so you will reach real people who are genuinely interested in your account. If you want to grow your newly created business, then likesgainer would do the work for you. Likesgainer is one of the best Instagram Auto Liker tools that will help you to generate real likes from safe organic interaction automatically.

Business owners usually don’t have enough time to manage their Instagram business account. Therefore, they prefer to use these tools to manage their account by investing some money.

Main Features:

Location: likesgainer also offers a location feature which helps you to target your specific location. Through this feature, Likesgainer will like all the pictures that are linked with the location.

Newsfeed: This feature helps you to stay engaged with the people you follow. Moreover, it would automatically like every post in your newsfeed.

Tags: Tag feature will help you select multiple tags and will like all the images that have used that tag in their description.

Profile: Using this feature, Likesgainer will like posts from your competitor’s profile or any specific profile.

Hootsuite: Instagram Management tool (Paid):

Hootsuite is one of the tools which is counted in the top Instagram tools for managing your business accounts. Using this tool, you can schedule all of your posts without any issue. You can post pictures and videos to Instagram securely, directly from Hootsuite. It’s easy scheduling feature helps you save a lot of time and drives more engagement. This tool isn’t only for Instagram; however, you can schedule your posts on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

Main Features:

Schedule your posts: This feature of Instagram helps you to schedule your Instagram posts in order to save your time.

Manage your Content: Using this feature, you can easily manage and share your content across various platforms. 

Analytics: Hootsuite provides you a complete analytics report of your Instagram account. 

Monitor your account: This feature lets you monitor your Instagram accounts and the produced results.

Security: Don’t worry about the security of your account, as Hootsuite e is a risk-free tool which secures your account. 

The tools mentioned above would help you a lot if you use them and follow them in the right way to enhance your Instagram marketing. Any queries related to the article? Feel free to ask in comments!