The latest version of Firefox that came out of beta towards the end of 2017 was Firefox Quantum. Since then there has been encouragement from all around the world to go for the Mozilla philosophy in order to give it an upthrust. In building this latest version of Mozilla Firefox, it is said that about 7 million lines of code were changed in order to upgrade it. The main reason for people choosing Chrome over Firefox is the issue of Speed and UX(User experience). But since the launching of the new version the scenario has changed to a great extent.

Following is a list of useful, Quantum- ready extensions that might come in handy for those who are planning to switch to this browser:

  1. LastPass Password Manager:


Secure access to all your accounts is assured by this very extension. It saves all your different passwords to different accounts which you might tend to forget. This helps you to open your accounts anytime with your mobile or PC. You just need to have a master password for the LastPass account. You will have to unlock this account when you are inside the Firefox browser. So, now if you open any of your accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Amazon, Flipkart or Netflix, you will always find yourself logged in without jamming your mind with all the respective passwords. Indeed a great way to ease loads of passwords on your mind.


  1. Privacy Badger:


As the name suggests, this extension tool is dedicated to safeguarding our browsing options. Created by Electronic Frontier Foundation, Privacy Badger blocks invisible trackers and all those ads that seem to follow you around the web.





It is a very useful tool meant to collect visual feedback from colleagues and clients directly into Trello, Asana, Jira, GitHub and more. Visual bugs can be directly reported.


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  1. Grammarly:


This tool is indeed helpful in making you communicate efficiently without errors in your verses. After you install it, you will find that all erroneous text that you type will be automatically corrected. Since it will be embedded with your browser, so any tab that you open in this browsing Window like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WhatsApp Web and so on, you will find that your spelling and Grammar will be vetted whenever you write something on the web.


  1. Honey:


This tool comes in handy for those who are addicted to online shopping and like to save money on your online purchases. This tool is very handy in automatically finding and trying coupon codes for you. So whenever you are on an online shopping website just make sure that this extension is running on that page. It will instantly show you the better deals on the prices that are being displayed for the particular product that you are trying to buy.


  1. UnpayWall:


This is also a very useful tool to look for papers and articles which you otherwise can’t find on general web and even if you do, it takes a considerable amount of time. This tool leads you to journals and scholarly articles which are often behind paywalls and restrictions. It helps to take you on to legal ways to go around these walls by popping up with a link to a free version of the locked article that you are looking forward to reading. Thus it is very useful in saving money as well as time that indeed counts a lot.


  1. Speed Dial Lite:


A replacement for the bookmark, this tool lets you put your favourite sites into a customizable grid. This maintains the tidy look of your browser Window as all the tabs or websites that you frequently visit are just a click away through the buttons that are lined up properly at the top of the Window.




  1. Tineye:


It often happens that while you search for images on the search engine you don’t get the size that you need. It is then that this tool comes in handy. Tineye helps you to look for the larger and unedited version of the particular image that you choose. You can do this just by right clicking on that particular image and you will find the option in the drop down as is the setting done by the extension in your browser.


  1. ColorZilla:


When you are browsing through the internet and you find the perfect colour combination for your new design project, it is at that moment ColorZilla can assist you in doing the job. It can give you its exact values. The Add-on will let you save the host of tones and then use in other apps, or make changes to it if it is not quite alright.


  1. Pocket:


It is a handy extension to save certain articles for you to read later. It happens all the time that while you are browsing for some stuff for your work, but you land on a place where there is a heap of interesting articles which you would like to give your undivided attention, but you need to let go for the project that you have in hand. Even if you save the link somewhere, it is most probable that you can forget about it. So you can save the blog posts whenever you find one that seems interesting in your “Pocket”.

Since Mozilla acquired Pocket, they have completely integrated the entire setup of the tool in the default setup of The Quantum Firefox.



Along with many other extensions, Mozilla Firefox now stands as a strong alternative of Google Chrome. So if you are looking forward to switching your browser you can definitely give it a shot after giving a read through this article.