Recently, Baidu uncovered the initial two of its home robots and a savvy speaker that is controlled with DuerOS. The gadgets appeared at the Baidu World Conference, held in Beijing. 

The three gadgets are parts of another Raven lineup. There have been more than 100 apparatuses, for example, cell phones, iceboxes, TVs, and clothes washers that utilization the DuerOS. The Raven lineup incorporates the main Baidu gadgets that utilization the working framework for AI administrations. 

To begin with, with the Baidu robots – the Raven R home robot has a LED show and can swivel and move for mirroring feelings and articulations. The second Baidu home robot, the Raven Q, will comprise of DuerOS with normal dialect preparing, and PC vision, for developing 3D models out of its environment. 

Look at Raven R being gathered and afterward a look at its activity in the video beneath. 

Next, the Raven H keen speaker, structured by Teenage Engineering and Raven Tech, packs a LED show contact controller. This controller is separable and has voice controlling capacities through Wi-Fi. It can control Raven arrangement and keen home gadgets too. 

Take a few to get back some composure of how Raven H would 'play some delicate music' for you in the accompanying demo. 

The conversational AI innovation, utilized in the Baidu gadgets, is very same as that of Cortana (Microsoft) and Alexa (Amazon). With the DuerOS, this AI, much the same as other AI aides, can look through the web, perform exchanges, make updates, play music, and can even control the brilliant home gadgets. 

The Raven lineup got its name from Raven Tech – a startup that Baidu obtained in February. Cheng Lyu of Raven Tech turned into the Manager of the wise equipment unit of Baidu. 

Lyu imparted the accompanying proclamation to VentureBeat in regards to the Raven lineup: "Every item in our new Raven arrangement is coordinated with Baidu's most recent AI innovations, including facial acknowledgment, PC vision and even our Apollo self-governing driving innovation." 

He additionally said that the three Baidu gadgets may appear to be little when contrasted with the recorded lineup of the present innovative advancement, yet these are advantageous as colleagues in every day life, and can notwithstanding bring astounding encounters that were once observed just in science fiction films. 

The Raven H goes discounted one month from now for $256. As messaged by a Baidu representative, discharge dates and value rates are up in the air for Raven Q and Raven R.

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