AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) has extended its usefulness from replication motor form 3.1.2 to enhance relocation execution and improve client encounter. The new enhancements are given underneath: 

Enhanced Migration Speed During Full Load: When moving expansive tables, DMS presently can stack table parcels or sub-segments in parallel and enhance movement speeds. On the off chance that a table does not contain segments or sub-allotments, you can determine push extents to relocate each fragmented range in parallel. 

Enhanced LOB Migrations: You would now be able to control substantial protest (LOB) settings at the table dimension. It was recently bolstered for all tables in an assignment at the errand level. We additionally presented another LOB mode which joins the benefits of constrained and full LOB modes from the past variants. For instance, when a LOB relocation experiences truncation in constrained LOB mode, DMS will consequently change to full LOB mode, finish moving that specific huge LOB and change back to restricted LOB mode, and keep moving. 

Control Table Load Order: You would now be able to control the request of tables stacked amid the full load stage. For instance, if your chose tables list contains tables of various sizes, you can set up the heap arrange in a way that the littler tables are stacked before the bigger tables.